Circus Time at Ikea

One of my party tricks is that I can juggle. That’s not to say that we can’t all juggle. I mean – what is our day to day life made up of? Juggling. But my real life juggling of balls, oranges, my kids’ heads – whatever – always wins me MAJOR hero worship from my audience.

Juggling set £25 age 6+

So now I am super excited about this! Those clever folks at IKEA have joined forces with the Swedish circus company Cirkus Cirkor to launch a new and exciting play series featuring equipment to juggle, balance, and swing. Stylishly of course! Let’s learn the ropes…

1. Mat work – lie down and chill out. Folding gym mat £25 age 18+ months

Folding gym mat £25 age 18 months+

2. Let’s get balanced – tip toe along the balancing bench £25

Balancing bench £40

3. Show off time. Juggling set £25 6+ years


4. And lastly… fun relaxation on the swing £15 aged 3+

Swing £15 age 3+

So – limber up and get on down to Ikea today.

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  1. Linda

    That’s interesting that IKEA is selling the juggling equipment.

    • Suki P

      I know – it brings new meaning to the term cheap and cheerful! x

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