HAM Home Decor for Stylish Kids

Meet Rabbit, a playful daredevil who’s mischievous adventures will bring a smile to your child’s face. And you know how the saying goes – happy child, happy life – or is that wife and life? Either way look here…


Rabbit stems from artist Joanna Ham’s first venture into homeware from her brand HAM. HAM has launched these bold vinyl wall stickers which can be cleverly linked together in order for you and your child to create your own Rabbit story lines!


For those who are late to catch onto the monochrome trend, homeware is the perfect place to start experimenting. By using monochromatic accents in your kids’ room, the rest of their colourful interiors will really pop or, if you love all things monochrome these fun decals will help inject a little fun.


If you like your children’s room decor to be a little less permanent (i.e not stuck on a wall!) HAM has got you covered with some striking Rabbit screen prints.


You can pick up these cute stickers (£55) and prints (£35) from HAM. Follow my lead people, as I will be doing just that!


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