How to Create a Heinous Halloween Table..

We asked the fabulous people at Les Enfants Party – kids’ party planners extraordinaire – to share with us some SINISTER SECRETS to Halloween Party Success. As y’all may know by now – I loves me a game of one upmanship. And let me tell you, these ideas on how to create you own MACABRE potion table will give you the EVIL edge!  Let’s go…

Halloween Party Ideas Les Enfants Party
Mwoahahaaaa Vorrrrms

  • Collect various shapes and sizes of jars and bottles.
  • Paint the lids black
  • Fill them with gruesome contents:
  1. Pickled onions interspersed with fake joke shop eye balls = EYEBALLS
  2. Dirt from the garden and Straight To Wok Udon noddles = EARTH WORMS
  3. Mini cauliflower in food coloured water = PICKLED BRAINS
Halloween Party Ideas Les Enfants Party
Ah - found my brain!
  • Seal and wrap natural garden twine around the tops of the jars
  • Go to town with the labels – either make yourself choosing a spooky font, tear jagged edges into the labels and stain with tea, or find one of the many websites that have free to download potion label, for example these from Love Manor.
Halloween Party Ideas Les Enfants Party
Perfect for a bottle filled with Ribena
  • Set them on a table covered with a black tablecloth, covered with fake cobwebs and creepy cloth. Set battery operated tealights behind them to flicker in the background.
  • If you want to splash more cash, buy a plastic cauldron and mist maker to make a spooky cauldron overflowing with mist and smoke and coloured lights! SPOOOOOOOKY!
Halloween Party Ideas Les Enfants Party
This is a normal night's cooking for me...

I can think of no better place to serve your Devil’s Eyeball Cake Pops.

And now, my stylish minions…you are ready to REVOLT your guests. AH HA HA HA HA HA…..



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