Halloween Home Accessories Hot List

So you’ve got the look, the recipes, the table decoration – but howz abouts some great Halloween-inspired looks for your home? STOP. REWIND. Only stylish things of course this is a naff-free zone! Lookey..

Kitchen – well, they need SOMEWHERE to cook up their witches brew….£189 Lula Sapphire

Top 5 Halloween Kids Home Accessories
Top 5 Halloween Kids Home Accessories

Let ’em recline in style to chow the spoils of a night of trick or treating with this Black Tic chair. From the Fabulously French and therefore Fabulously Chic French Blossom €75.

Top 5 Halloween Kids Home Accessories
Black Tica Chair

This large mushroom nightlight from Hedgehog is MAGIC! £48.

Top 5 Halloween Kids Home Accessories
Magic Mushroom...

Love this Danish wise owl mobile from The Little Baby Company £16.

Top 5 Halloween Kids Home Accessories
Wise Buy..

This Oeuf NYC ghost cushion is £33 from Little Fashion Gallery. Spookily cool!

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Top 5 Halloween Kids Home Accessories
Ghost Cushion by Oeuf

There you go people, thanks to moi, we’re SO in the path to a scarily stylish Halloween. No nasties in sight!

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  1. Richard John Jordan

    The large mushroom nightlight is so awesome! It is exactly what I was looking for. Not just for halloween but also for any occassions. I hope I could buy this one soon.

    • Suki P

      Agreed. Too nice for just one holiday! Let it be a regular fixture! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Robyn

    I want that for Cameron Im going to try to make a homade one thank you:)

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