Pimp up your Pumpkin!

This tutorial is from our fabulous blog pal Yesterday’s Sweetheart. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in a safe but super fun way to making your Halloween a very STYLISH one!
You can personalise the pumpkins with whatever colours and patterns you want – let your kids’ imaginations run WILD! Here’s what you’ll need:

Base painting: Once you have decided on a colour, paint all your pumpkins and let them dry, while you decide on the patterns and glitter colours you want! Hopefully the glitter will match your home decor because you can betcha it will be hanging around for months after….on the rug, on your left eyelash, in your sock…

For the dots: Dip the stamp in some glue, blot the excess on newspaper and stamp 2-3 circles (or other shapes) on the pumpkin – sprinkle glitter on each one and work your way around, until your pumpkin is covered as you wish.

For the stripes: Brush on glue on every other section, glitter as you work your way around. Clean your brush and brush off all the extra glitter around pumpkin, seal it with a spray and VOILA you’re done.

A stylish pumpkin – I’ll be making that one of my 5 a day!

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