Fangtastic Halloween Chocolate Bark

GBBO is over. Don’t cry. Trust me, this is the next best thing. OK I am lying, but it’s still me doing something like cooking with one of my girls, to help you create something monstrously fangtastic and easy for your Halloween celebrations. I bring you my Fangtastic Halloween Chocolate Bark.


Get This:


  • 150g Green & Black’s white cooking chocolate £2.49 Ocado.
  • 150g Green & Black’s dark cooking chocolate (you can use milk chocolate instead – it’s personal preference) £2.49 Ocado.
  • Blood clots AKA Dried cranberries (well, we need something vaguely fruit-like and healthy in this!) £2.49 Ocado.
  • Cotton wool – AKA lightly salted popcorn (love salt and sweet!) mine is by Proper Corn at Ocado 75p
  • Dracula Fangs by Candyhouse Limited £5 John Lewis
  • Liqourice skulls (any Halloween candy will work for this) £4 by Farhi at John Lewis
  • A willing little helper – ideally one that won’t eat all the ingredients – mine did….

Do This:

Choose which chocolate will be at the bottom of the bark – I chose the dark chocolate for this, break it up and melt it – make sure you do this melting process slowly and over a gentle heat.


Add some greaseproof paper to a flat tray and using a spatula spread the melted chocolate to roughly the area of two chocolate bars next to each other – it should be about 3-4mm thick thoughout. Don’t worry, this needn’t be perfect.


Put this tray in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. The less it’s in for, the more likely the two chocolates will blend together like mine did. It’s personal preference.

Whilst this is in the fridge, add your sprinkles to bowls so they are easy to get to when the time comes for decoration.


Break up and melt the second bar of chocolate following the same process as you did for the first.

Once melted remove it from the heat and remove the cold, set chocolate from the fridge.

Use a spatula the spread the melted chocolate onto the cold chocolate. Cover it up as well as you can. Return this to the fridge again for 5 minutes to cool off.


Remove the chocolate from the fridge and decorate by carefully, as evenly as possible placing your sweets across its surface area.



Return this to the fridge for an hour ideally.

Remove this from the fridge and break it into large chunks – make sure an even mix of sweets is on each as much as you can. God only knows,  one argument you cannot be bothered to have “Mummy-uh it’s not fair-uh, blah blah got more sprinkles than meeeeee-uh”


Return to the fridge until you are ready to serve.

Plate it up and let them kids stuff their little gobs with it.


Oh and go on, you need to taste it to check it’s erm..only looks ghastly….

Then, toss your head back and laugh MWAHAHAHAHAHA like the evil cooking genius you are. Enjoy.


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