Devils Eyeball Cake Pop Tutorial

Today darlings, in the spirit of all things scary…I bring you a FAHHHHHBULOUS Halloween treat from my new contributor and baker-extraordinaire Lily’s Sweet Factory. Her creations are so brilliant she catered my own little Princesses birthday party, where apart from moi and moi’s loin fruits – the food was legendary!

So here we go! I give you…her step by step guide for how to make DEVILS EYEBALLS  MWOAHAHAHAHAHA *loud evil laughter explodes*

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial
Great! Gross!


  • One tablespoon buttercream (mixing 60g butter with 60g icing sugar and few drops of vanilla essence)
  • 100g melted white chocolate chips Tesco have good ‘uns 85p.
  • 100g finely grated, red vanilla sponge (you can tint your regular sponge mix batter with red food colouring, and bake it, after it cooled down, finely grate a thick slice of it with a grater or in a food processor)
  • Black and green  coloured ready to roll icing Lakeland have a good ones for £1.49 each.
  • Disposable plastic forks
  • Red writing icing trusty Tesco again £2.34

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial


1. Finely grate a big slice of red tinted sponge, with either a cheese grater or in food processor

2. Mix the butter cream with your cake crumbs till you get a sticky dough

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial

3. Make little balls out of your sticky dough with your hand.

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial

4. Melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave, and dip the disposable forks in the chocolate and stick them it to the balls- this secures them in place

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial

5. Place the dough balls with forks into the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes to set a little

6. Remove from the fridge and one by one dip the ball into the melted white chocolate, and get rid of the excess drops of chocolate by gently tapping the fork at the edge of the bowl

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial.

7. Leave the pops upside down until the chocolate is cool and firmed. You could pop them in the fridge again for 10 minutes or so to speed this bit up

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial.

8. For the eye’s pupil, roll out the green and black ready to roll icing, and cut out two sized circles with the round cutters, and stick them on the eyeball with a little bit dab of water or edible glue

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial

9. At the end use your red writing icing pen to create the blood vessels around the pupil and leave to set

Halloween Cake-Pop Tutorial

10. VOILA-HA-HA-HA the scary eyeballs are ready for Halloween action!

So darlings – easy-peasy. 10 steps to being a BLOODY EVIL baking GENIUS!  Thanks to the fabulous Lily’s Sweet Factory. And moi, for introducing you…..

PS If you like a bit of gross for Halloween check out our easy to follow recipe for slime!

PPS Stay tuned for another AMAZING Halloween recipe from Lily’s Sweet Factory next week!

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  1. jesica

    Nice post. Thanx to you for sharing the information with us.

  2. Sarah B

    Love them! Will have to give them a go! x

  3. angnbama

    Wow! Great idea! The kids are gonna love making this. Thanks for the easy step by step instructions.

  4. Diana

    Just found this recipe–FANTASTIC!!
    I can’t wait to make these for our Halloween party this year!!
    Thank you for the recipe!!
    : )

    • Suki P

      Thank you so much! Pleasure and enjoy being an evil baking genius! x

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