ISSA Mikro Baby Toothbrush Giveaway

Getting young kids to brush their teeth is not easy. Getting young kids to do A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. is not easy – apart from screaming, keeping us up at night, waking us at ungodly hours and endlessly pooing, of course.

Having to brush their teeth for them is another not very easy parental task, a firm hand on the jaw is often needed to keep them from wiggling away. Lucky for us FOREO has launched the ISSA Mikro baby toothbrush for youngsters between the ages of 0 and 4. Even luckier for us they are extremely stylish and colourful.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with FOREO, it is a Swedish brand who are best known for their award-winning facial brushes and adult toothbrushes. We wrote about their fab brushes for older kids last summer. Their stand-out design transcends beautifully into the playful design of the ISSA Mikro, any bubba would be lucky to have one! Here are the deets…

The ISSA Mikro baby toothbrush is made entirely from hygienic and non-toxic silicone which is non-porous so stops the spreading of harmful germs and keeps your little one’s mouths in tip-top shape. Its state of the art vibrations are incredibly soft and soothing, gently working away any plaque while massaging the gums. I think the vibrations on this little toothbrush would be great for when your baby is teething, and would really help to relieve discomfort. And a happy baby, is a quiet baby and therefore a nice life. Even if it only last a few minutes!!


The ISSA Mikro baby toothbrush is launching this September and you will be able to buy through their website for £79. It comes in 5 different colours: Fuchsia, Kiwi Green, Sunflower Yellow, Pearl Pink and Bubble Blue.

But that is not all, my lovelies. Oh no. We know that £79 is not cheap – unless, like me you amortise costs over periods of time to make things far more palatable and therefore, justifiable. But I digress – we have one of these colourful gob wonders to give away. Yes. A parental freebie. Now who doesn’t like one of those eh? Simply subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here (if you are not already clever, thin and young enough to do so already) and voila – a subscriber will be picked at random to win. We like to give all our goodies to our lovely subs.




Boring but necessary T’s and C’s: We have one ISSA Mikro baby toothbrush to give away to one of our newsletter subscribers. You have until midnight on Monday 19th September 2016 to subscribe and therefore enter. Winners will be notified via an email on 20th September 2016. Winners have a maximum of 14 days to claim their prize. Good luck!

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