Ghoul and Ghost Products for Kids

Kids are full of contradictions. Take my girls, for example. They are almost 9, and have recently presented a strong case for their having an Instagram account to which I relented. I know they are young. But it is heavily, heavily policed by me and of course Private. So, there on the one hand, is an example of them growing up – real Tweens.

On the other hand, they lose a tooth and write a letter to the tooth fairy. Go figure.

One thing they are not sure about – is whether they believe in ghosts or not. I think it will remain like this for a while – frankly it’s not something I have ever grown out of! And this year is a big year for ghosts with the new Ghostbusters 3 Movie release in July. So today’s post is about a couple of brilliant ghost related products I have stumbled upon.


This Anti-Ghost room spray is such a clever idea! By one of my favourite kids room accessory brands Le Petit M. Sorry the label is in French but I assure you it works well against English-speaking ghosts too. €34 from Le Petit M.


How funny is this range of Tinned Fear? By the brilliant store Hoxton Street Monster Supplies – which by the way is so worth a weekend or school holiday outing! £30 for the set or £6 each. They contain boiled sweets. Great for gifts!

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And back to Le Petit M for this brilliant and stylish Anti Ghost quilt. It’s available in two sizes for babies and older kids and is also available in three colours – white, charcoal grey and pink. Prices from €70 Le Petit M.

Here is a trailer for the new film – it’s on our to watch list for the summer for sure!

So whether your kids are little, or big – or like mine a mix of the two – have some fun Ghost Busting with these!

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