Want Your Kids to Model?

I think a lot of us mums see our kids through rose tinted specs. My mum thought I was a beautiful baby. And I was, of course. She also thought my little sister was a beautiful baby. All I can say is when people came over to peek at her when she was out and about with my mother, they would more often than not say “Nice pram”…

Anyhoo – she grew into a beautiful young lady and got married way before me, so let’s not cry too hard for her. But I digress. Many mothers – well, most mothers, except probably me – definitely when my girls were tiny little ratty thingies – think their babies and kids are beautiful and think they will be the best thing to happen to kids modelling since…erm – whatever – they think they could be models.

gap casting call kids baby model competition

And in many many cases, oh dear they are wrong. But in a few cases, they are so so right. And for those mums, I have something fabulous for you! How about your kids being the star of the next Gap/Baby Gap marketing campaign? Now obviously I have told Gap, that if I write about this, my girls have to win – but let us pretend you have a chance – here are some details for you. (OK that is a joke before you get blah blah on me)

gap casting call kids baby model competition

Gap Casting Call is a global contest that invites parents to submit photos of their babies or kids (0-12 year olds) being kids i.e. curious, fearless, fun by June 7th and those lucky enough to get selected will be judged by the public on a Community Voting Website. Click here for details on how to enter.

gap casting call kids baby model competition
One of last years winners

Select Gap stores Nationwide will also play host to Casting Call shoots on 23/24th May, where kids can have their photos taken in specially created Photo Booths and be rewarded with a special offer to use in-store.

gap casting call kids baby model competition
One of last years winners

So put your money where your mouths are proud mammas, and get them kids a break in the modelling world. If I don’t get there first..

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  1. Sandra Barr

    she is 7 and born to be a model She can catwalk pose loves fashion if u want pics let me know also not a bit shy great actress!!

    Sandra xx

    • Suki P

      If you look at Twitter there are many good modelling agencies on there. Good luck! Suzanne x

  2. Emma

    My newborn can be a model

  3. Annie

    My daughter is 11 she loves fashion she is very fashionable and loves possible she is a twin and wants to be in Americas next top model when she is big

    • Suki P

      Well there are many agencies that I am sure would be happy to meet with her. Good luck! x

  4. Alison

    My child is 5 she mixed race beautiful curly ringlets olive skinned. Everybody comments how stunning she is. She started asking about fashion and whether she could be a model. I would never push her it’s something she wants to do. Any advice for me please?

    • Suki P

      I would apply to some reputable agencies. I am sorry but I am not familiar with any. Do some online research. Good luck! Suzanne x

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