Prehistoric Planters for Kids Spaces

About 5 years ago, in the midst of my Mad Men binge watching, I fell in love. Well, of course with Don Draper – that goes without saying. But actually I fell in love, with a plant. This is sad, but true. I photographed the plant on the TV screen like the sad old lady I am, and took it to the florist to ask what it was called. Then filled my house with them. Yes, I started the succulent plant revolution. Well, maybe not THE, but certainly A succulent revolution. Well, in my house anyway.


I mean what’s not to love about a succulent? Much like me, it’s just such low maintenance. So when I spotted these prehistoric succulent planters from Plantcycled, it was tick tick TICK for me.

dinoplanters easy kids room decor style

These planters are up-cycled from old kids toys. So they’re green AND available in green. If you need the plants to go inside check out Succulent Salon for some winners!

dinoplanters easy kids room decor style

These are an amazing addition to a kids room – or for a kiddy colour pop addition to your grown up rooms!

One last one in my favourite colour..

dinoplanters easy kids room decor style

As they are up-cycled each one is limited so hurry before they become extinct! From £10.64 each from Plantcycled on Etsy.

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