Top 10 Summer Shoes for the Under 10’s

A brilliant new exhibition hits the V&A this month – Shoes: Pleasure and Pain. This exhibition will look at the extremes of footwear from around the globe, presenting around 200 pairs of shoes ranging from a sandal decorated in pure gold leaf originating from ancient Egypt to the most elaborate designs by contemporary makers. All I know is that in my life, it always seems the prettier the shoe, the more pain!

Caroline Groves Parakeet Shoes 2014 courtesy of ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ Exhibition’V&A

And if that’s not inspiration enough to get busy with summer shoes, here’s something for you.  My Top 10!

Well, according to the bleeding calendar – summer is upon us. Now for me, who is always cold, the idea of my little pedicured tootsies even peeping out of a sandal, sends shivers, literally, down my spine. However whether we like it or not, summer stock will be exiting stores soon to make way for winter clothes – so we need to get our kids’ summer shoe act together. Pronto. Let’s go!

1. I love everything by fave brand of mine Louise Misha – she owns summer! €65


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KidZania is Insania!

Whilst you’re finally through HTH (Half Term Hell) I thought I would introduce you to the best thing to happen to kids since Disneyland, Universal and all those now, rather MEH kids adventure parks so that school holidays at home, need never be painful again. KidZania.

This is from KidZania Seoul

Those of you who live in West London, may have seen some rather strange goings on, on top of Westfield shopping centre over the last year. This will explain it. This child-size city is the equivalent in size to Leicester Square, with the ceiling height of Heathrow Terminal Five, and is the UK’s first Educational Entertainment Experience.

KidZania London is a real-life introduction to the world of work, representing experiential learning at its very best, where children begin to understand and learn for themselves the nature of work, the diversity and function of businesses, and its overall contribution to well-being and prosperity in our world today – all in a way that is quite the opposite of boring.

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mifold – the grab and go car booster seat

Urgh! I have just seen another jealous-making invention. Why oh why oh why did I not think of it???? mifold. Let me explain. Car booster seats. No. That’s not the invention of course. mifold is in fact the opposite of a booster seat. Instead of boosting the kids to the seatbelt, it shrinks the seatbelt to the height of the kid. DOH!!!!

MIFOLD kids car booster seat child safety week

Let’s see how this baby works.

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Festival Chic

I am not going to lie to you. I am not a festival goer. Too old. Too fussy. Too scared of creepy crawlies scuttling across my face at night – or possibly dangling into my mouth – aaaaargh. But but but – what I do like, is shopping. So I bring you my top 10 Festival picks! Let’s go…

1. The beginning of any great kids outfit is Smalls. Made with super soft Merino Wool – don’t freak – keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and best of all can be worn for days on end without  smelling. Spot on for festivals I say! Vest £26.95.


2. With the glorious British weather, one cannot take a risk. You need a showerproof option! But it needs to be stylish of course. If the weather gives you lemons – your girl is well catered for with this little number by Next from £28.

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