Forget damp mince pies in a church hall. The people at Kasimira plan the most high-end, lavish festivities in all of London and even abroad if you would like them to. So who better to give us their top 10 kids Xmas party tips? Here at KSJ – we only like to bring our Junkies the very best! Let’s go….

1. Theme

Who said a party could only have one theme? Couple ‘Christmas’ with another favourite kid’s party theme to make your party stand out. Some of our favourite combinations are; Animal Farm at Christmas, The Circus at Christmas, Peter Pan’s Christmas, Christmas Disco, A Vintage Christmas.

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Know Your Party Dressing ABC’s

There is no better opportunity to dress them kids up than the impending party season. Here are some top party styling tips by a brilliant fashionista who is very young, skinny and clever – erm..moi – that I have written from the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine. Check it…

Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips
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Like a Christmas canapé – that was just a little taster! For the full article – get your mitts on the latest issue of Gurgle Magazine out now for the full alphabet of kids party styling!
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Gurgle Magazine Kids Party Dressing Top Tips (2)

Now you have no excuses ever for a bad party look!

How to Halloween in Style

Stylistically speaking – I can juuuuuust about cope with Halloween – I mean its orange and black – my two favourite colours – and it’s all about sweets, my favourite things to eat. However *intake of breath through teeth* it’s not exactly the most stylish festival in the world – unless you know where to look.

And that’s where we come in. To guide you into style.

And today – we do it with the help of super stylish emporium Carousel. Here are the owner Charlotte’s tips for a ghoulish yet stylish ‘do’ – complete with revolting eyeball jelly and creepy crawly spiders. Over to you Charlotte…

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