Are You Ready To Play for Free This Xmas?

The big Christmas build up has begun. I’ve started with my Top 10 Stylish Xmas Kids Gifts. I actually had a complaint about the prices of some of my choices. You know the type. OK – I get it, Xmas can be very expensive and let’s face it – kids more often than not either (a) prefer the packaging to the gift or (b) play with the gift obsessively for a few days and then it goes into the toy cupboard, along with last year’s latest and greatest gifts, to die.

So in the spirit of Xmas and giving – today I am both giving you a great idea for a Xmas present, but I also have 3 of these things to give away. What you may say? Coloud The Boom Kids Headphones people. Look here…

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

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