D is for Damien Hirst

I’m an art lover – but not a buyer. Too expensive. Rather buy clothes. Until now. Damien Hirst has created a children’s book – a beautifully illustrated ABC board book.

In an interview about the book with The Guardian he describes the book. “It is an alphabet book for kids. Each letter is represented by an artwork, or an element of a piece, from my earliest works to my latest series. I is for Insect shows a detail of one of my recent Entomology Paintings: thousands of bugs arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns. The book also relates to my interest in typography: A is for Albertus, B is for Baskerville etc.” Let’s look inside….

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Mini Style Tribes – Diddy Dudes

Darlings, in case you have baby brain-drain we’re in the middle of a series of pieces I have written for Gurgle Magazine about Kids Style Tribes.

The articles centre around a different celebrity kid and their personal world of style. And I’m loving it – even if I say so myself – which of course I will – I have no filter remember?

So we move on from the Pint Sized Preppies to Diddy Dudes. Check it…

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Obviously – being SUCH a dude myself…this style tribe is right up my street. Is it up yours? Stay tuned for the next two style tribes coming your way next week!

Mini Style Tribes – Pint Sized Preppies

Lovely Junkies, over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you the article I wrote for the fabulous Gurgle Magazine. I am very proud of it and very pleased with it. In fact – I really think I’m THE DOGS!

OK not quite. Anyway – Mini Style Tribes is a homage to four celeb kids and their very own styles. We start today with the gorgeous, newly turned age 2, Harper Beckham. She’s a PINT SIZED PREPPY…

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Does your kid work a Pint Sized Preppie look? I don’t mind if they do or don’t, or whether you spend or you don’t – as long as they are stylish! Stay tuned for the next three tribes…


Lit for your Chicks

Hands up who hasn’t read, laughed and/or cried at a Jane Green novel? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Thought not. She is probably THE most prolific author of books for birds. Those books were there when I broke up with Mr Big Mark 1, 2 and 3. And it felt ALL better.

Jane Green Top 5 Kids Books
Band Aid for Break-Ups

Not only that – she is (more importantly for our purposes..) one of those beings I supremely respect/admire/fear….a mother of four – twins included! So who better to tell us what book she enjoys than a brilliant author with four kids? Anyone? Anyone? So may I present her TOP 5 kids books. Over to you Jane….

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Keep ’em Shhtumm with these..

Now I don’t know if I’m a bad mother or what – but of late, I’m a bit erm…irritable around my kids. Yup. I’m not afraid to admit it. Cute, yes. Sweet, yes. Driving me up the wall, yes. Maybe it’s the fallout after a LONG summer and NOT LONG ENOUGH back at school!

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy

WHATEVER, WHATEVER…but for any other parents out there who want something that’s NOT A SCREEN to keep their kids quiet (whatever happened to the saying ‘kids should be seen but not heard’????!!!) – here are some fabulous activity books and things to TURN THE VOLUME DOWN, or PREFERABLY OFF!

The brilliant brilliant 1000 Activities by Priddy Books is a snip at £5.99 from Amazon.

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy
Hours and Hours of Busyness!

The FAAAAAAHBULOUS Usbourne Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring £5.49 from Amazon.

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy
Nurture Their Inner Picasso with this...

Monsters Inc? Who needs it! Love these wipe clean Monster Doodle Cards. £2.99 Amazon.

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy
Monster Work for your Monsters

This one is a favourite of my budding FASHIONISTAS. £9.10 from Amazon.

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy
My Wonderful World of Fashion

Travelling? No probs. This is a winner! £3.89 Amazon.

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy
A Pocket Pattern Book

And lastly, put NOSE-PICKING on the back burner with this! £5.49 Amazon….

Kids Activity Books Amazon Usbourne Priddy
Who says boys won't sit still?

So, wonderful calm parents – there endeth my lesson in quiet time. Get busy with it – I have!