Enfance Paris – All natural skin care for Kids

I have wonderful memories of baths as a kid. On special occasions, my mum used to add her essential oils, lotions, and bubbles that would smell divine and would make me feel like a princess. Now the reality is, that I was grubby, had slopped food all around my mouth, had eaten a worm and jumped in muddy puddles and my mum needed a draw to lure me into the bath! BUT – wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to treat your little ones like royalty without your own supply of lotions depleting rapidly!? Look what I have to share with you today…


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Fill Those Christmas Stockings Stylishly

Cold enough for you?? I’m in full emergency lock down mode. Not one single bit of skin can be exposed. I would wear a full balaclava, though not clever given the current political situation. But fear not – things are hot hot hotting up on the blog for Xmas. We’ve done out Top 10 Stylish gifts for Kids and now, we give you our Top 10 kids Stocking Fillers. Let’s get down to Xmas business..

Top Picks Kids Xmas Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

Yeh right! Like ANY kid would be dead chuffed for one of those in their stockings. Well, maybe one – but whatever you do add some of these things too…

Top Picks Kids Xmas Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

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Get Mouthy

So, it’s back to school. Bye bye sun, sand, sea and sugar. Yes, sugar. With all the treats my kids stuff into their tiny mouths on holiday (anything for a quiet life) – I am DREADING our next trip to the dentist. But wait – I have no need to. Apart from selling my kids, I have found another way to not go wrong after holidays at the dentist. Say hello to your NBF, the FOREO ISSA™ mini toothbrush.


Now apart from its stunning looks, here are a few reasons to get busy…watch this…

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Top 10 Holiday Essentials Under £10

It’s summer summer summer tiiiime.

Yay. School is out for some unlucky mothers and will be shortly for those luckier ones. And those who are as organised about summer holidays as me – i.e. not organised – I bring you my Top 10 holiday essentials for the under 10’s for under £10. Let’s go!

These palm print canvas shoes are a total must! From £7 George at Asda.

top 10 kids summer holiday essentials

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Cinderella is how I feel in my house sometimes. We replace the wicked step-mother with the busy husband, and the ugly sisters with my naughty twins and BOOM – I’m Cinders. Everyone’s go-to slave. But I digress…


Unless you have been living under some stone – you will know that Disney have been very busy creating a brand new live-action feature inspired by the classic fairytale, “Cinderella” starring Cate Blanchett as the evil step mother. Here she is at the Premiere. Clearly in nice actress mode.


The film is released on 27th March in the UK and as if the film itself is not enough of a draw – Frozen Fever – the new short created as a follow-up to Frozen, will be shown before. To warm the audience up, so to speak. This is one kids cinema visit I am beyond excited for!!!! And there’s more!

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