Cowshed Baby Cow x War Child

Mini hipster alert. The super cool people behind Cowshed have designed a line of pampering products just for your little calf (sorry!) called Baby Cow. And whilst you are doing a good deed pampering your precious loin-fruits, you will be doing good for other kids too. No, not because they are vile smelly little loin-fruits, but because there is a brilliant charity angle here.


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ISSA Mikro Baby Toothbrush Giveaway

Getting young kids to brush their teeth is not easy. Getting young kids to do A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. is not easy – apart from screaming, keeping us up at night, waking us at ungodly hours and endlessly pooing, of course.

Having to brush their teeth for them is another not very easy parental task, a firm hand on the jaw is often needed to keep them from wiggling away. Lucky for us FOREO has launched the ISSA Mikro baby toothbrush for youngsters between the ages of 0 and 4. Even luckier for us they are extremely stylish and colourful.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with FOREO, it is a Swedish brand who are best known for their award-winning facial brushes and adult toothbrushes. We wrote about their fab brushes for older kids last summer. Their stand-out design transcends beautifully into the playful design of the ISSA Mikro, any bubba would be lucky to have one! Here are the deets…

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Professor Scrubbington’s- Scrubbing Kids Clean

Kids are wonderful. But can also be gross. They roll in the mud, rarely wash their hands, their fingers explore unknown and frankly who-wants-to-know parts of their bodies, and, they sweat – boys especially – a lot. Forget SCREEN TIME  – we are talking about CLEAN TIME. These kids need to keep CLEAN. And today, we give them and you a wonderful incentive to do just that!


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Film Fashion – Top 10 Alice in Wonderland Girls Fashion and Accessories

As we know, Alice Through the Looking Glass is in UK cinemas now. It has not, sadly, proved to be a popular sequel. Which is a shame, as it is so beautiful to look at and has such a brilliant cast. Having my very own Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee I am a big fan.

BUT where the film has failed, fashion has succeeded. There are a few brands getting in on the Alice in Wonderland thing, even when the film-going public are not! Now anyone that knows me or reads my blah, knows that Licensed Product makes me a little bit sick in my mouth. But these brands have got the balance between Licence and Style right. Here are my Top 10 picks:

Top 10 Alice in Wonderland Girls Fashion and Accessories

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Top 10 kids beach essentials for summer holidays

Ahhh, beach life – how I love you and pine for you. BUT you cannot send those kids willy-nilly on to the sand unless they are properly swim-suited and booted so here are my Top 10 kids beach essentials for summer holidays.

Starting with to swim in. Now I know these swim shorts are rather expensive but come ON they are oh so amazing! By Orlebar Brown from Melijoe £110.


I am loving this swimsuit by M&S. Ticking both the gingham trend and the appliqué trend – this ticks my boxes. From £10.

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