Anorak TV. TV but not for Anorak’s!

This is one for seriously cool kids. I’m good at sharing like that, see.

Clever mummy Cathy Olmedillas who set up Anorak Magazine 6 years ago has branched out. To those of you who don’t know WHAT ON EARTH I’m droning on about, Anorak Magazine is £6 per issue is made with kids, for kids and it is SUPER fresh and edgy and colourful and cool and wow and I’m jealous it wasn’t my idea! Look here:

Anorak Magazine
Latest Issue of Anorak Magazine

They are already great friends of KSJ and gave us a brilliant guest post Happy Mr Bread Recipe a few weeks back. Now, the genius that is Cathy has been extremely busy. And here’s why! Anorak TV has just been launched!

Check it out…

Aimed at kids aged 5-12 it is visual feast of stuff to entertain, engage and teach. I’m just very umm slightly out of that age range but I have to say, it keeps me busy whist waiting at the school gate – as opposed to chatting to other mums *yawns*

Anorak TV Logo

Best enjoyed from your i this and i that – or any mobile platform for that matter. It’s win win as far as I can see. Kids win, cos they get TELL-AAAAY (my kids cannot say that word without a moany tone…) and parents win cos they get PEACE! What’s not to love.

Featuring demonstrations

It’s content mirrors that of the magazine. Highlights include – EAT STUFF, DRAW STUFF, JOKE OFF, STORIES and a PEEK-A-BOO game.

Draw Stuff

When I chatted to Cathy, she said “Good God woman you look young” OK that bit was a lie. What she really said – about Anorak TV is “It’s happy food for their brains”‘. I feel the same about handbags and shoes…

Make Stuff

I just bought my copy in itunes for 69p BARGAIN I say! It takes a thousand times that price to shut me up for a while! Get busy with it people…..and get them kids busy to create what I call World Peace.


Toca Boca Apps are Da Nuts!

To me, it’s not the wheel, or the light-bulb, the telephone, the television – not even the World Wide Web.

Toca Boca Kids Apps for iOS devices
Bright Idea!

The best invention to moi, is the iAnything (phone, pod, pad, pppppp – whatever..) More specifically…APPS. They’re like a beaudiful MUTE BUTTON for kids. Now THAT, is genius!

And I think Toca Boca  are about the best around. And considering they achieved 5 million downloads 10 months after launching their first app – I’d say – we aint the only ones…

Toca Boca Kids Apps for iOS devices
My new best friend

Made in Sweden (home of all things stylish – including half of myself…), they’re made for kids, created with kids and tested by kids. They don’t run ads or in-game selling. This is the real, PLAY DEAL. All apps are available to buy from iTunes from £1.49. My girls are HUGE HUGE fans and want to live in Toca Land!

Let us look at some…

Toca Boca Kids Apps for iOS devices
As long as it's not on their own heads - let 'em go wild! Toca Hair.

Toca Hair Let your kids run their own Toca Hair Salon! Cut, color, comb, shave and blow-dry lifelike hair on six different cute characters. Using their grubby little fingers they can make any hair style they want! And of course – take a snapshot and save their creations! Rather on screen than in real life I say!

Toca Boca Kids Apps for iOS devices
Bring out their inner 'ologist' with this. Toca Doctor.

Toca Doctor Let your kids be a doctor for a day! Examine a patient and solve fun puzzles and mini-games that take place in the human body. Or if you’ve got one like my miniature hypochondriacs – find lots of new ailments to complain about…

Toca Boca Kids Apps for iOS devices
Better they experiment on a screen....Robot Lab

Robot Lab Want to make a cool robot? With Toca Robot Lab you and your kids can build your own robot from pieces of scrap and see it fly straight away!

Toca Boca Kids Apps for iOS devices
Bring out their inner Picasso with this. Paint my Wings.

Paint my Wings Paint My Wings is a fun and easy way for kids to paint beautiful butterflies. A mirroring effect helps them create pretty patterns and they can take pictures of their favorite creations to share with their friends. And if you’re my kids – use up most of my gigabytes!

They also have a FAAAAAAHBULOUS new app coming out any day now – which I will bring you the deets on as SOON as it launches. Here’s a sneak preview….

AND AND AND for you lovely people – for no reason, other than it’s the weekend and I’m so so so nice, as are the people at Toca Boca HQ – we have one Toca Hair Salon and one Paint My Wings to GIVE AWAY!

To be in with a chance to win –  simply LIKE our Facebook page. Et voila! You have until midnight on Sunday 9th September to do this. Two winners will be picked at random from the list of ALL our Facebook Junkies and will contacted with their promotional code on Monday 10th September. SIMPLES!

Fingers at the ready…..

iCan Draw the Best

I’m lovin’ the RETRO CRAYON ACTION of these iCrayon styluses. Available in seven colours, they are designed to interact with the iPhoneiPod Touch and iPad screens.

iCrayon for Apple iOS devices
iLove iCrayon

Designed for adults and kids alike (although not recommended for under 3’s), they give you more precise drawing skills than your little digits. So next time your little munchkins draw you, maybe you WILL have a nose instead of a beak, and more than 4 fingers per hand, and possibly even feet, instead of elephant hooves. David Hockney – eat yer heart out!

iCrayon for Apple iOS devices
iCan Draw so much better!

The other winner benefit for my iPhone, is that is prevents their sticky, snotty, grubby little fingers smearing their way all over the screen. WIN WIN WIN.

iCrayon for Apple iOS devices
iWant one NOW

Available from Amazon from £7.14. iSuggest you buy iNto this iDea!