Easter Chocolate Marshmallow Bark

I love what Easter stands for. Not from a religious standpoint, nor from a spending a lovely amount of time off work together standpoint. Purely from a chocolate standpoint. So to celebrate this feast of chocolate yum, we thought we would share a super simple recipe and tutorial for you to make with your kids, and then stuff into your gobs!! Look…

kids-easter-recipe-tutorial-sweets-chocolate-marshmallow (1)

Get this:

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Valentine’s Chocolate Trifle LOVE

Anyone that knows me knows that I am super duper bah humbug about Valentine’s Day.

BUT BUT BUT – we LOVE our Junkies, and for you, we’re going to spread some love this Valentine’s Day with our blog pal Handmade Charlotte‘s amazing recipe for Chocolate Cherry Trifles. Super easy, super stylish and super – like OMG yummy. I’ll leave you in their capable hands…

Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Handmade Charlotte Chocolate Trifle (3)

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Frozen Dots

I’m not a big fan of yoghurt. It’s what I refer to as a ‘fake dessert’. If I’m doing it – I’m doing it large. With a cherry on top. However, my kids – and I think all kids, love it. So we thought we would make something they love into something they love with bells on. Frozen yoghurt drops. Let’s go.

Kids/ Recipe/ Tutorial/ Yoghurt Drops/ Sainsburys/ Tesco/ Frozen Yoghurt (1)

Get this…

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Halloween – Jelly Injections

We take Halloween very very seriously in our household. The girls have been planning their outfits for months. I am very busy with the menu and decorations for our Halloween party. My husband….well, he will just turn up and eat all the kids treats. But let us not get started down that route eh?

So I thought I would share one of the items on our menu for this year – Jelly Injections. Let’s get busy…

Halloween Kids Recipe Tutorial Jelly Injections Sainsburys Amazon (1)

You will need:

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