Hemsley + Hemsley Take You to Paradise

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Now we know we’ve all over-sugared it with Halloween, so today I wanted to give you something for Bonfire night. Something much healthier than a Toffee Apple.

Now, what I find with a lot of the ‘Clean/Healthy Eating’ recipes, is that the food is yuck, my kids close their mouths to it, and we end up eating ice-cream to drown our sorrows. So I for one am a huge fan of the Hemsley Sisters’ recipes. Not only are the dishes beautiful to look at, they actually taste as good as they look. And double bonus, they are G.O.O.D. for you! And today you lucky things, triple bonus, they have shared with us their recipe for these Paradise Bars. Let’s go!

Hemsley + Hemsley Kids Healthy Eating Recipe


Here’s what you need:

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Show-off cupcake ideas

Today is our 3rd birthday! So in honour of this, for our last party post of the week – we give you 3 quick and easy ways to make cupcakes look FABULOUS at a party. I have bought Lola’s Cupcakes to demonstrate…but for the less baking-challenged home-made works too!

1. Ballooncakes

These tiny balloons are so cute and diddy, and can be used in countless ways for MAJOR show-off points at a party!


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Fashion-Sista Party!

We are on number 8. Birthday party number 8. That surely makes me some form of expert? I’ll tell you what I do know though, and that is that gone are the days of a limp jam sandwich and pass the parcel. Like most things, we’re going the American way.


Today in celebration of our very own birthday, I’m going to share how to do a rocking Fashionista Party.

Kids Fashionista Birthday Party Primrose Bakery Jennie Maizels
The birthday Fashion-sistas! Roxie wears River Island dress, Zara denim jacket and Minnie wears ilovegorgeous dress and Scotch R’belle denim vest.

You need:

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