Happy Home Family Cookbook by RICE

I do hope you had a wonderful Xmas and are SUPER ready to style those kids lives up for 2017. And in the true spirit of giving – we at KSJ shall give you the tools to do just that! And this first post of the new year is no exception, with a brilliant new book that is part recipes, part crafts for the family kitchen by the brilliant Charlotte Gueniau founder of fabulous lifestyle brand RICE.


To the uninitiated  – how dare you – and to those who know, know that RICE have been making the most brilliant, bright and bold ethically sourced home accessories for kids (and adults – but we are not bovvered too much about them here) for 20 years!


And now, with her new book Happy Home – Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen – you can learn how to cook her delicious, easy recipes for your friends and family: Spongy Lemon Cake, Sweet Potato Hummus, Chocolate Kisses, Chicken Curry, and many more. Above, are her Classic Spring Rolls.


And because it’s for family and we all know how good kids are at S.I.T.T.I.N.G. at the table N.I.C.E.L.Y. – it also handily includes some fun, family activities for all ages – because those moments we spend together as a family – whether eating or whatever – are very precious and special (sometimes!!!!). Above, we have her Perfect Pink Starter. Pink, by the way, is all the rage for SS16 don’t you know?


So craft-wise, we are talking, how to make glittery straws, ice cubes with edible flowers, butterfly wallpaper and more, more, MORE. Here we have her ideas for ‘tea’ – Rocky Road and Date Balls. Dribble dribble.


Food and crafts go hand in hand throughout the book – whether making Chicken Curry in a Hurry (I like how she did that) or Pink Sesame Potatoes – you can put the EXTRA into the ordinary by learning how to make her DIY glittery straw decorations or ice-cream garlands to add that extra bit of jjujjjjjjj (how does one spell that properly?!!).


Charlotte lives by the mantra Families that Play Together, Stay Together. This book is her inspiration to us to get ‘doing’ things together. I’m all for quiet kids and stuffing my face so this is a win, win situation for me.


So, there you go. I’m in. For myself and for presents. Happy Home – Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen is available in English and French for £16.99 from Rice and is available to pre-order from Amazon. Get family busy!

Bonfire Night Chocolate Apple Pops Recipe and Tutorial

Summer holiday – tick. Back to school – tick. Halloween – tick. Where has this year gone? And all that’s happening as it speeds by, is that I am ageing. Argh. It’s frightening. I need a treat to make myself feel better. And given my need for sweet, plus Bonfire Night on the horizon this weekend, I have the perfect recipe and tutorial. Chocolate dipped apples – or as I prefer to call them Apple Pops. Let’s get involved.


You need:

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Kids Halloween Treats – Oreo Mummies

One of my favorite things to tell people is ‘did you know that Oreos are vegan!?’ I am old enough to know that vegan does not immediately equal healthy but… somehow it does make me feel better after nibbling my way through half a pack while reading a magazine. Almost like they are just fruit, or better, a vegetable. But I digress. Where was I? Hmmmm, vegan, no animals, blood – OH YES – Halloween!

By using these vegan yums we have created some hardcore Halloween delights just for you. Lookey here at our Oreo Mummies.


For this recipe you will need:

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Spun Candy is Kids Birthday Party Heaven

So every year, I make a huge thing about my girls’ birthday party. Maybe in a past life, I was a party organiser? And maybe in this current one, just sad. Either way, we have done Rainbow, Disco, Spa, Fashion and many more. We are just not ‘limp-sandwiches-in-church-hall’ people.

So now at 9 years old – what to do? Well, I figured if it involves sugar – not much else matters. So we decided the kids would make lollipops at Spun Candy. Not just tut ones though – I’m talking “I-can’t-believe-a-kid-made-that’ ones, and plenty of them.

Spun Candy is a store and kitchen where expert candy confectioners boil the sugar in front of your eyes adding only natural flavourings and colourings to bring the candy to life and create beautiful sweets and lollipops. Look…


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Ghoul and Ghost Products for Kids

Kids are full of contradictions. Take my girls, for example. They are almost 9, and have recently presented a strong case for their having an Instagram account to which I relented. I know they are young. But it is heavily, heavily policed by me and of course Private. So, there on the one hand, is an example of them growing up – real Tweens.

On the other hand, they lose a tooth and write a letter to the tooth fairy. Go figure.

One thing they are not sure about – is whether they believe in ghosts or not. I think it will remain like this for a while – frankly it’s not something I have ever grown out of! And this year is a big year for ghosts with the new Ghostbusters 3 Movie release in July. So today’s post is about a couple of brilliant ghost related products I have stumbled upon.


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