Happy Home Family Cookbook by RICE

I do hope you had a wonderful Xmas and are SUPER ready to style those kids lives up for 2017. And in the true spirit of giving – we at KSJ shall give you the tools to do just that! And this first post of the new year is no exception, with a brilliant new book that is part recipes, part crafts for the family kitchen by the brilliant Charlotte Gueniau founder of fabulous lifestyle brand RICE.


To the uninitiated  – how dare you – and to those who know, know that RICE have been making the most brilliant, bright and bold ethically sourced home accessories for kids (and adults – but we are not bovvered too much about them here) for 20 years!


And now, with her new book Happy Home – Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen – you can learn how to cook her delicious, easy recipes for your friends and family: Spongy Lemon Cake, Sweet Potato Hummus, Chocolate Kisses, Chicken Curry, and many more. Above, are her Classic Spring Rolls.


And because it’s for family and we all know how good kids are at S.I.T.T.I.N.G. at the table N.I.C.E.L.Y. – it also handily includes some fun, family activities for all ages – because those moments we spend together as a family – whether eating or whatever – are very precious and special (sometimes!!!!). Above, we have her Perfect Pink Starter. Pink, by the way, is all the rage for SS16 don’t you know?


So craft-wise, we are talking, how to make glittery straws, ice cubes with edible flowers, butterfly wallpaper and more, more, MORE. Here we have her ideas for ‘tea’ – Rocky Road and Date Balls. Dribble dribble.


Food and crafts go hand in hand throughout the book – whether making Chicken Curry in a Hurry (I like how she did that) or Pink Sesame Potatoes – you can put the EXTRA into the ordinary by learning how to make her DIY glittery straw decorations or ice-cream garlands to add that extra bit of jjujjjjjjj (how does one spell that properly?!!).


Charlotte lives by the mantra Families that Play Together, Stay Together. This book is her inspiration to us to get ‘doing’ things together. I’m all for quiet kids and stuffing my face so this is a win, win situation for me.


So, there you go. I’m in. For myself and for presents. Happy Home – Everyday Magic for the Family Kitchen is available in English and French for £16.99 from Rice and is available to pre-order from Amazon. Get family busy!

Valentines Mini Cheesecake Tutorial

Ugh. Sorry to be a bit bah-humbug and all that, but I do hate Valentine’s Day. Firstly, it reminds me of the years I was single and upset not to get anything, and now it reminds me that I am married, and STILL don’t get anything! Bah-humbug!

But to those of you who still believe…wrap your manicured mitts around these…Mini Love Hearts Cheesecakes. Created by the brilliant Lily’s Sweet Factory – for you, my real Valentine’s.

Valentines Day Cheesecake Recipe Tutorial

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Show-off cupcake ideas

Today is our 3rd birthday! So in honour of this, for our last party post of the week – we give you 3 quick and easy ways to make cupcakes look FABULOUS at a party. I have bought Lola’s Cupcakes to demonstrate…but for the less baking-challenged home-made works too!

1. Ballooncakes

These tiny balloons are so cute and diddy, and can be used in countless ways for MAJOR show-off points at a party!


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Fashion-Sista Party!

We are on number 8. Birthday party number 8. That surely makes me some form of expert? I’ll tell you what I do know though, and that is that gone are the days of a limp jam sandwich and pass the parcel. Like most things, we’re going the American way.


Today in celebration of our very own birthday, I’m going to share how to do a rocking Fashionista Party.

Kids Fashionista Birthday Party Primrose Bakery Jennie Maizels
The birthday Fashion-sistas! Roxie wears River Island dress, Zara denim jacket and Minnie wears ilovegorgeous dress and Scotch R’belle denim vest.

You need:

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Valentine’s Chocolate Trifle LOVE

Anyone that knows me knows that I am super duper bah humbug about Valentine’s Day.

BUT BUT BUT – we LOVE our Junkies, and for you, we’re going to spread some love this Valentine’s Day with our blog pal Handmade Charlotte‘s amazing recipe for Chocolate Cherry Trifles. Super easy, super stylish and super – like OMG yummy. I’ll leave you in their capable hands…

Valentines Day Recipe Tutorial Handmade Charlotte Chocolate Trifle (3)

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