Happy Farters Day

Never a truer word spoken in jest eh? So it’s soon time to celebrate those that have been so helpful to us since the moment they impregnated us. For doing just that. And….not much else. Unless being deaf to the kids screaming and Siamese twinned to the TV remote counts….

Fathers Day Recipe Bakerella
My husband had this made bespoke....

Nonetheless, we shall celebrate. In true mummy-trooper style! With this brilliant recipe from pal o’ the blog and ridiculous baking genius Bakerella.

Fathers Day Recipe BakerellaNo darlings – not a trip to McD’s – but cookies and cake!

Fathers Day Recipe Bakerella

And a side of fries with that..

Fathers Day Recipe Bakerella

Head over to Bakerella to see step by step how to make these brilliant yummies. And then feed them to him whilst he watches sport on the box. Why should this day be different to any other?

All images are courtesy of Bakerella.

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