It’s Daddy’s Day

It’s almost that time of year again when we make a giant fuss over our husbands – Fathers Day. I’m eyerolling whilst writing those words. Like they did THAT much. But in the interest of keeping the peace, and more importantly having something to throw in his face when he forgets Mother’s Day AGAIN, I bring you something fab that the kids can make, courtesy of a brilliant site called Technology Will Save Us.

A DIY Electro Dough Penalty Shootout……let’s go!




Make this fun interactive game for daddy with their DIY Electro Dough kit (£15 with free postage for KSJ customers with code DIYDAD) and tin foil! Live that championship final moment of scoring a goal. Hear the crowd roar, see the photo flash. The aim of the game is to flick your kitchen foil ball into the goal and see all the lights flash and the buzzer buzz! Here’s what to do…


You will need:

Things from your DIY Electro Dough Kit:

  • 1 x Battery Pack
  • 6 x LEDs
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x Crocodile Clip

Extra Items:

  • Kitchen foil,
  • Electro Dough/Play Dough (preferably 3 colours)

footy_20 footy_19 footy_18

Make the Goal Netting:

  • Roll out some dough and cut into thin strips.
  • These can then be laid on top of each other to make the netting.


footy_17 footy_16

Make the Goal Post:

  • Make two long sausages for the inner and outer goal posts.
  • The inner goal posts must be touching the Netting.
  • Make sure the Blue and Green Dough is Not Touching!


Attach LEDs:

  • Bend the LEDs, placing the longer leg in Blue goal post.
  • place the shorter leg in the Green goal post.


footy_11 footy_12 footy_13

Attach the buzzer:

  • Place the Red wire in the Blue goalpost.
  • Place the Black wire in the Green goalpost.

footy_10 footy_9 footy_2

footy_3 footy_15

Power up:

  • Attach the Black Wire of the battery pack to the Green goalpost.
  • Connect the crocodile clip to the Red Wire of the battery pack.
  • Mould a ball out of the Kitchen foil and connect to the other end of the crocodile clip.
  • Once all this is done, turn on your battery pack!

footy_5 footy_6 footy_7


The Foil ball is now your switch. It will complete your circuit if it touches the White or Blue parts of the Goal! The crowds will roar! Aim, Flick, Goal!

Love it! And the money you save on buying a big present, you can put towards shoes for you. You deserve…

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