Easter Egg Decoration Station

After the recent  Marks and Spencer’s Easter Press Day, where they had a full on egg decorating station – I got all inspired. I thought let’s throw caution to the wind and a hell of a lot of sprinkles on the floor, and get the kids to make their own. So they did! Let’s watch the process unfold….

We used:

  • Giant Hollow Easter Eggs by M&S £5 each
Easter Egg Decorations M&S
  • Chocolate for melting and subsequent gluing
  • Sprinkles
  • Sweets supplied by the lovely people at M&S
Easter Egg Decorations M&S
  • Two willing, not too piggish little twinnies
  • One patient/tranquilised mother
  • A darn good vacuum cleaner

Here’s what we did:

We opened up the boxes and let the eggs rest in their plastic casing for protection from melty, icky, greedy hands!

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

We then used a gold spray to colour them up sophiticated stylee. My mobile phone looks pretty nice now too….

Easter Egg Decorations M&S


Easter Egg Decorations M&S

Meantime, we melted some milk chocolate in a bowl placed over a pan of gently simmering water. This would be our glue. And the cause of a lot of future mess and moustaches..

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

There you go. Ready for action.

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

See what I mean?

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

Now, Minnie took a pastry brush and painted, lightly the base of the egg with the melted chocolate.

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

We then covered the ‘glued’ area with sprinkles. Make no mistake – this is quite messy. I would definitely do it on an old newspaper.


Roxie then got busy doing her thing.

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

Leave the sweets and sprinkles for at least 30 mins-1 hour to dry.

And then……..drum roll….Minnie’s creation on the left  – note the Percy Pig hair-slide! And Roxie’s creation….erm, it’s meant to be a girl with a bow tie…

Easter Egg Decorations M&S

I’m thinking I can see them in store next year……


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  1. Ulla-Britt Seymour

    your site was available when I had little girls about 40 years ago!
    I’m jealous of today’s mums!

    • Suki P

      We are very lucky I know, but cooking with mother will always be on-trend! x

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