Calling all budding Picasso’s

Even though I know full well that neither of my kids are ever going to make it in the art world, I have still kept tons and tons of their art work from as soon as they could pick up a pen.  I have pages of scribbles, clay models (if you can call them that), colouring in, paintings, collages blah blah blah… you get the gist. And all of these delights are hogging up storage space in my loft.

piles of artwork

Along comes a great new website called Doodle Nest. Your job is to edit down the entire collection of artworks to your faves and they will transform it all into either sleek framed collages…

doodlenest frame

or perfect bound books.

doodlenest book

Thanks to the very best in printing materials and techniques the process really does create beautiful graphic collections. You can also add your own text and 3D art to the mix. The results are so amazing that I am now beginning to think that maybe, I do have budding Picassos!


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