Super Cute Night-Lights for Babies and Kids

So my girls are 9. And afraid of the dark. “Mumeeee can you close my cupboard doors. All of them. Is it babyish that I think there are monsters inside?” asks Minnie. Err, no. I have NEVER to this day, gone to sleep with a cupboard door or drawer even a tiny bit open.

So as well as closing the doors firmly, my girls need a bit of night-light action in their rooms, to reassure them I guess. This I cannot relate to, I cannot cope with even a tiny chink of light. My friends and family often refer to me as the only person they know who wears an eye mask and ear plugs outside of a plane. But if my girls need something to comfort them at night, they get it. Happy kids, are sleeping kids which equal sleeping parents.

But but BUT, if you are going to do them a night-light, it needs to be stylish. So how delighted was I, to spot these guys..


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Tiger stores are both the best thing, and the worst thing to happen to me. Best thing, as they are amazing for sourcing little somethings for going home presents (what did we EVER do before??) or stocking fillers or even cheap bribe gifts to encourage my kids to behave in some way. The worst as my kids don’t stop nagging at me to take them in-store to send their pocket-money that my husband always forgets to give them – but that’s a whole other story!



So they have now given us all one more great reason to visit. They have collaborated with the brilliant Japanese artist, Misaki Kawai – well known for her contemporary and humorous pieces that adorn the walls of New York galleries including MoMA – to bring real art home to the people for practically pennies!


From 29th April, visitors to Tiger stores will be met with a collection of quirky and colourful everyday items under the banner of “Play with Misaki Kawai”. Kawai, is known for her honest, unfiltered approach to art. She works with painting, music, sculpture and installations in materials such as fabric, fur, paper, wood and yarn.


Her works are humorous, sincere and playful, and her collaboration with Tiger is an extension of her art. The collection is designed to capture the imagination of both kids and adults.


For several years now, Tiger has been working on projects that give more people access to art. In 2015 Tiger published Yoko Ono’s art book “Conceptual Photography”. It was sold in all Tiger stores and by the Museum of Modern Art at the MoMA Store in New York and Tokyo.


This collaboration is part of a bigger project, which will see Tiger work with more artists going forwards, including Turner prize-nominee, David Shrigley later in 2016.



So I say get your pert little butts down to a Tiger store near you and stock up, for your home, for going home presents and of course – for bribes, AKA your sanity.

Ghoul and Ghost Products for Kids

Kids are full of contradictions. Take my girls, for example. They are almost 9, and have recently presented a strong case for their having an Instagram account to which I relented. I know they are young. But it is heavily, heavily policed by me and of course Private. So, there on the one hand, is an example of them growing up – real Tweens.

On the other hand, they lose a tooth and write a letter to the tooth fairy. Go figure.

One thing they are not sure about – is whether they believe in ghosts or not. I think it will remain like this for a while – frankly it’s not something I have ever grown out of! And this year is a big year for ghosts with the new Ghostbusters 3 Movie release in July. So today’s post is about a couple of brilliant ghost related products I have stumbled upon.


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Baby Bites – Baby and Kids Sleeping Bags

It’s Easter this weekend yay! A time of celebration of Spring and cute little baby animals. And chocolate. Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m not really an animal, or a baby person. I guess I just cannot hanker after something that I have to clear up their pooh. Not. For. Me. My womb is closed for business. Though every so often, a product comes along that quite literally makes my womb ache. I feel almost broody. Almost.

When I went to the Trade Show Playtime Paris – I saw these baby sleeping bags and I was just about ready to remove my own coil. These are literally cryably cute. Meet Baby Bites.


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Cute Kids Seed Planters for Spring

Spring is kind of happening. The clocks are changing shortly, there’s a whisper of warmth in the sun, blossom has started to come out. It’s time to get your kids planting. Let them see if they have what it takes to be a good mummy or daddy, and consider someone other than themselves. Feeding, watering – watching it grow. And I have the perfect vessels for this – Peropons. Look at these playful guys…


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