D is for Damien Hirst

I’m an art lover – but not a buyer. Too expensive. Rather buy clothes. Until now. Damien Hirst has created a children’s book – a beautifully illustrated ABC board book.

In an interview about the book with The Guardian he describes the book. “It is an alphabet book for kids. Each letter is represented by an artwork, or an element of a piece, from my earliest works to my latest series. I is for Insect shows a detail of one of my recent Entomology Paintings: thousands of bugs arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns. The book also relates to my interest in typography: A is for Albertus, B is for Baskerville etc.” Let’s look inside….

He claims that children are not so afraid of his creations. “My intention with The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living(1991),” he says, “was to replicate the sort of fear you might feel on being confronted with a shark. It’s the fear of death, but I’ve always noticed kids love it rather than being frightened of it.”

Damien Hirst ABC Kids Board Book (5)

The book is available from Other Criteria for £15.

Damien Hirst ABC Kids Board Book (1)

So there it is people. This could be another one of those books we like to see on our kids shelves as it makes us ever so ‘la di da’ and ‘arty’ – whether or not kids will like it is not as quite simple as ABC…

All photographs are courtesy Other Criteria. © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.

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