Cute Kids Seed Planters for Spring

Spring is kind of happening. The clocks are changing shortly, there’s a whisper of warmth in the sun, blossom has started to come out. It’s time to get your kids planting. Let them see if they have what it takes to be a good mummy or daddy, and consider someone other than themselves. Feeding, watering – watching it grow. And I have the perfect vessels for this – Peropons. Look at these playful guys…


Made in Japan (but of course!) by a company called Noted, the delightful Peropon lap up water from the tray and as if by magic feed the plant on their back! Their secret is that their pink felt tongue is connected to their plant’s pot.


Made of glazed ceramic, Peropons come complete with everything needed to grow. Brilliant for gifts too.


There are four styles to choose from and cost €15 from Colette. And it goes without saying, that if they are in Colette, they are cool. Full stop. Now all you need to do is hope that your kids will make good cultivators and ultimately good parents…get busy.

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