Benny the Cat Trunki Giveaway!

If I say Trunki to anyone – the first thing they say is “oh those pull along suitcases” and then in the next breath “Dragons Den“. Oh yes. It’s amazing how many of us watched an EPIC Dragon fail. Trunki was pulled apart by the Dragons and then has gone on to M.A.S.S.I.V.E. global success selling 1.8 million of their ride-on suitcases. Big mistake Dragons. Huge.

And Trunki have just given birth to a fab new design Benny the Cat.

New Cat Trunki Guest Post Kid Style Junkie Cookie Decorating Tutorial

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Don’t be blue – we are TWO!

Yes darlings – we are ageing! We are now TWO. Happy Blog Birthday to us!


Now we know it’s the norm on birthdays to receive presents but since we are SOOOO generous and keen to spread the stylish gene around – we’ve got a HOST of stylish freebies for our dedicated Junkies! BUT BUT BUT if you’re not a subscriber – YOU’RE NOT ON THE GUEST LIST!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what our clever subs could be getting their manicured mitts on….

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Plusher is Plush

Cold, wet, grey – UGH! How can you fill your weekends in the winter? Here’s a stylish idea. And it’s a day out for the whole family.

Plusher Luxury Family Show Kids Fashion (1)
Yeh - my family cartoon would involve the kids fighting and me shouting..

Plusher will be London’s first ever luxury family show. It’s taking place at the Royal Horticultural Halls, SW1 on Saturday 9 November and will comprise an exhibition showcasing all things innovative, exciting and luxurious in the family marketplace.

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It’s My Party..

People, we are one!  Not in a hippy-happy-clappy-lets-kiss-the-ground-and-make-sweet-love way. I mean One Year Old!

Birthday Competition

To celebrate – we have some INCREDIBLE presents and exclusive discounts to share from some BRILLIANT kids brands. BUT BUT BUT if you’re not a subscriber – YOU’RE NOT COMIN’ IN!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what our clever subs could be getting their manicured mitts on….

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We’re going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo..

We had such a fab time at London Zoo recently. We were with a bunch of pals and all the kids were allowed to feed the animals. It was amazing quite how at home they were with the monkeys…

Monkey McCoy Top 10
Spot the Difference...I mean with the Monkeys...

Anyway – I got all inspired by my trip and thought let’s do animal clothes, baby. So we hooked up with the fabulous fashion and gift site Monkey McCoy and not only will I bring you my TOP 10 animal things from their site NO NO NO – you can also WIN £150 worth of these fabulous clothes! Let’s go..

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