Cinderella is how I feel in my house sometimes. We replace the wicked step-mother with the busy husband, and the ugly sisters with my naughty twins and BOOM – I’m Cinders. Everyone’s go-to slave. But I digress…


Unless you have been living under some stone – you will know that Disney have been very busy creating a brand new live-action feature inspired by the classic fairytale, “Cinderella” starring Cate Blanchett as the evil step mother. Here she is at the Premiere. Clearly in nice actress mode.


The film is released on 27th March in the UK and as if the film itself is not enough of a draw – Frozen Fever – the new short created as a follow-up to Frozen, will be shown before. To warm the audience up, so to speak. This is one kids cinema visit I am beyond excited for!!!! And there’s more!

To celebrate the film’s release, Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Harrods are offering two brand new Cinderella experiences.

Cinderella Wedding experience – where you can transform your little Princess into a beautiful bride with this magnificent experience which includes the Deluxe Wedding Dress from the new film, a matching ornate tiara, the iconic Cinderella slipper and much more – £300.

Cinderella Wedding experience 2 (LR)

Cinderella Ball experience – this amazing experience includes a special Limited Edition Ball Gown from the new film, sparkly tiara, the iconic Cinderella slipper, Cinderella jewellery set and much more  – £500 .

Cinderella Ball experience 2 (LR)

Bookings can be made by clicking here. Now you may balk at the price – but let me tell you, when my girls did this last year for their birthday, I watched their dreams come true. To me, that is priceless.

BUT BUT BUT if price is an option – which of course it as, as that is life, the Disney Stores will be selling the same dresses from £50-£150. Still not cheap – but it’s LIMITED EDITION, quality dress-up – and when it is quality, it lasts years. Kids love to dress up – mine used to do it almost every day. Amortise the cost across the amount of wears and actually, it’s value.

Q280004 copy

Come on. You know it’s good! Here’s a peek from the movie.

So tick tock, make haste, get busy Cinderella stylee before the clock strikes midnight!

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