Buglet- Wearable Bug Deterrent

My blood is to mosquitos what chocolate cake is to me: Delicious.

We all know the agony of an unscratched mosquito bite, and for kids, it is especially hard to resist clawing at their limbs especially if it offers a release. We’ve all tried the preventative sprays and creams but there is something poisonous about the smell, and who can be bothered the play the game of ‘catch the kid running away from the spray’ – not me! Plus do they ever really work?

Introducing Buglet, a stylish slap-on bracelet for kids that deters midges, mozzies, and other biting insects which is available to purchase from Treehouse Kid & Craft.


The Buglet has an absorbent centre that contains a variety of essential oils (lemongrass, rosemary, and geranium to name a few) that are all proven insect deterrents and all natural. The bracelet works best when it is warmed up by body heat, so while your kid is climbing trees or running around on the beach their skin acts as a diffuser. It’s super clever but also very simple and much more comfortable for children than sticky lotions or intoxicating sprays!


Your bracelet comes with a refill bottle which ensures 50 applications. The Buglet comes in a variety of colours and shapes. You can choose between animal shapes or the more inconspicuous plain strap, which in theory means they could also be worn by especially bite-prone adults!  I would personally opt for the Yellow Owl as I imagine it compliments a tan…

You can purchase these fun Buglets from Treehouse Kid & Craft for $20 (approx £15) plus tax and shipping (if to the UK/Europe). Summer holidays are almost here – get bug repelling the natural and stylish way today!

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