Bose Build – The Speaker Cube for Kids to Build Themselves

Summer holidays are upon us. AAAAAAAARGH. We have weeks of nothingness stretching ahead of us. Well. I say nothingness, but I can guarantee you, the nothingness will for sure be punctuated by lots and lots of “I’m bored” or “What are we doing todayyyyy”. Well, always happy to help a materialistic conundrum involving your kids – here’s something to keep them busy from now, until they leave for University. 

I present ‘The Speaker Cube‘ by Bose – a new DIY speaker for kids that they can engineer themselves and then really benefit from the results.


I think this idea is great as it is remarkably genderless as all kids love music, and what kid wouldn’t want the satisfaction of listening to their favourite tune on something they’ve built with their own hands!? And these speakers once built, are made to last, with the company implying that they’d hope the kids would take the speakers to University.


The Speaker Cube is aimed at kids between the ages of 8 and 13. The product comes with an app that helps to teach your children about the science of sound and engineering in fun, easy and informative steps. Once the speakers are built and the lessons on the app are complete you can then link the speakers up to your computer/iPad/device through Bluetooth and listen through Spotify. I love that this idea is building on the modern child’s love of technology but hopefully, instead of staring at a screen for hours on end, they can boogie, twerk or whatever floats their boat.

Who doesn’t love that feeling of smugness when you build something yourself and it actually works, whether it’s an Ikea bed frame or an apple crumble. In this new world we live in, where things seem to be moving faster with every day, these speakers are WIN WIN. For you, as the kids are busy building, then busy playing their tunes, and for them – well, for the same exact reason.


You can purchase The Speaker Cube from the Bose website for $149.

Please note: An Apple device is required for the setup of this product,and currently is only available in the USA – though plans are afoot to expand.

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