Are You Ready To Play for Free This Xmas?

The big Christmas build up has begun. I’ve started with my Top 10 Stylish Xmas Kids Gifts. I actually had a complaint about the prices of some of my choices. You know the type. OK – I get it, Xmas can be very expensive and let’s face it – kids more often than not either (a) prefer the packaging to the gift or (b) play with the gift obsessively for a few days and then it goes into the toy cupboard, along with last year’s latest and greatest gifts, to die.

So in the spirit of Xmas and giving – today I am both giving you a great idea for a Xmas present, but I also have 3 of these things to give away. What you may say? Coloud The Boom Kids Headphones people. Look here…

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

Imagine the voice of Barry White in your head. Oh yehhhh. Like half of me, and most cool things in this world, Coloud headphones hail out of Stockholm, Sweden. And like all things Scandi – less is more. From the very beginning the idea was to create robust headphones that provide no-nonsense sound. No huge logos, no funny gimmicks, no unnecessary details, just reliable and functional headphones designed to deliver your daily dose of music. And now, they have created their first set of headphones for kids. The Boom Kids.

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

Yes, my lovelies, these have a built in parental volume control (aka the Potentometer) where you can set the maximum volume. If my girls had them, it’s good to know they wouldn’t be able to blow their little eardrums by cranking up Miley Cyrus to the MAX whilst twerking around their bedroom.

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

And also brilliantly, they have a built in Tangle-Free System – a flat cable (aka Zoundlasso) where you can wrap up the cable and fasten it in place. Oh how many minutes of my life spent de-tangling would I have back if I only had that on my kids’ headphones. You’d have thought those creds are enough but no no NO – they are super environmentally conscious too, complying with standards such as RoHS and REACH. All the products are phthalate and PVC free, and packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Nice touch.

Boom Kids Coloud Headphones Giveaway Free Xmas

But that’s not all folks. As I mentioned earlier, we have 3 pairs of these to give away. FREE. Nada. Nischt. Gratis. Libre. So to my little complainer, please put that in your “too expensive list” pipe and smoke away. But you don’t get something for nothing as you know. Well apart from love and hugs of course, But that doesn’t get you a Birkin does it?? Where was I. Oh yes. To enter you have to both be a subscriber to Kid Style Junkie and also follow all our style picks by following us on Instagram. Nice and easy. And if you’re not one of our 3 winners – do not panic – they are £24.95 each from Coloud.

What you waiting for? Get busy!



Boring but necessary T’s and C’s. We have three pairs of Coloud The Boom Kids headphones to give away to three winners. You have until midnight on Friday 27th November 2015 to enter. Entry is only by both subscribing to Kid Style Junkie and following Kid Style Junkie on Instagram. Winners will be notified via an email on Monday 30th November 2015. Winners has a maximum of 14 days to claim their prize.

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