Bonton is a Ton of Bon

I went on a leetle tripette to Paris recently. So easy with Eurostar, just like with my husband, I just lay back and thought of England. Anyhow, as you can imagine my short trip a veritable trolley dash – in the same frenzied manner as one would have with 10 minutes to shop in a free supermarket. Except the pickings weren’t free, or even cheap. Just lovely and très chic.

Paris est Jolie!

So my new fave shop – actually ‘kids concept store’, is BONTON. It was packed to the rafters with everything from cool toys, to shoes, to clothes, to jewellery. I was in kids style HEAVEN. But fear not kids, you don’t have to trek to Paris, they are online! Love. Want .Need. Now. Here is a display of their own label clothes.

Simple but fun display

Look here people….I bought these Sonny Angel miniature dolls for my girls – you can get animal, fruit or vegetable €8 each. And you don’t know which one you’re getting from each set – it’s a surprise. R was upset she didn’t get Broccoli.

The Veg Gang

Who needs carrots to see in the dark with these FAB rabbit lights €46. I want one in every colour.


Rabbit Lights

This Tutu has shaky shaky bits (technical term) inside. Hilarious.

Birthday Tutu

It was actually whist in the shop that I fell for someone else. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Look at these Feiyue sneakers €60. They come with three sets of laces, blue, red and silver that are inter-changeable. I snapped up two pairs IMMEDIATEMENT!

Feiyue Trainers

So by the end of my visit, a great time was had by all in Bonton. Especially their TILLS…

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  1. ursula (room to bloom)

    Would so love to visit this shop! Maybe I can squeeze it in when I go to Playtime next month… Will you be going?

    • Suki P

      Definitely go! It’s amazing! Unfortunately I’m unable to go to playtime this time. Hopefully next season I will. With a shopping trip squeezed onto the back of it bien sur x

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