Benny the Cat Trunki Giveaway!

If I say Trunki to anyone – the first thing they say is “oh those pull along suitcases” and then in the next breath “Dragons Den“. Oh yes. It’s amazing how many of us watched an EPIC Dragon fail. Trunki was pulled apart by the Dragons and then has gone on to M.A.S.S.I.V.E. global success selling 1.8 million of their ride-on suitcases. Big mistake Dragons. Huge.

And Trunki have just given birth to a fab new design Benny the Cat.

New Cat Trunki Guest Post Kid Style Junkie Cookie Decorating Tutorial

The design was based on the Trunki founder, Rob Law’s much-loved family pet and was actually commissioned as a one-off gift for Rob’s girlfriend when she went on maternity leave. Benny was never intended to hit production lines, but got such a brilliant response from their fans when they put a photo of him on Facebook that they decided to make him available to everyone.

photo 1-8

Since the original Benny was adopted from the Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue, £2 for every Benny sold (RRP £39.99) will be donated back to the shelter.


Benny comes with all the usual Trunki case features, plus an official certificate of adoption! A cat without feeding, litter trays – my kind of pet!


We love Benny and love Trunki so we created a brilliant Benny the Cat Cookie Tutorial for Trunki’s blog that look like this…yes…we are rather chuffed with our baking prowess…click here if you want to give them a go yourself.

New Cat Trunki Guest Post Kid Style Junkie Cookie Decorating Tutorial

AND AND AND the lovely people at Trunki have given us a Benny the Cat case to GIVE AWAY FREE! If you’d like to enter email us and make the heading TRUNKI ME BABY – but but BUT you need to be a subscriber so do that first!!


Boring but necessary T’s and C’s: We have one Benny the Cat Trunki to give away. You have until midnight on Tuesday 1st July to enter. Winners will be notified via an email on Saturday 6th July 2014. Winners have a maximum of 14 days to claim their prize.

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  1. Stacey Hutchins

    Would love to win this for my little girl who going to first family to USA to Disney with her big brother and mummy daddy and nan and we going on alot mini holidays and day trip would like take benny cat with on our little girl and boy adventure

    • Suki P

      To enter make sure you have subscribed and emailed us. Good luck and have a lovely holiday! x

  2. Margaret Rowley

    Love cats and love Trunkis

  3. ann hamilton

    would love one of these for my grandsons

    • Suki P

      All you need to do is subscribe and send us an email to enter. Good luck x

  4. Linda

    Would love one to gift it to my niece .It is unusual and eye catching. I hope I’m a winner.

  5. Dana

    My daughter would absolutely love this! She’s been wanting a suitcase of her own for a while now. She would die! lol

  6. Hilary Vaughan

    My son would love this he loves cats also it would brighten up going to hosputal for hs operation

  7. Maria Mulvana

    My 16 month granddaughter. Eva Mirella ,loves cats, she has two rescue cats and they follow her everywhere and when she visits us,she loves our two rescue cats ans she follows THEM everywhere.

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