Colourful Picnic Time

Picnic time is sneaking up on us, slowly but surely. But as you well know, getting kids to sit down at the table, picnic blanket – anywhere is an ordeal. I don’t know about you, but I am THAT mother that lets my kids play with their i-products at meal times. Anything for peace and stillness – especially theirs!  So how happy was I to see this!


Eggnogg Picnic Blanket, £44.99. Made from high quality printed canvas and backed with waterproof nylon, it comes with washable colour pens that be re-used time and again – so you can chuck it in the wash and start all over again next time. So hello busy, present, sitting kids and bye bye i-products at picnic time.

Illustrator Kate Edmunds founded Eggnogg six years ago when she started designing colouring-in postcards for kids. Her colour-in concept has grown into an award-winning business and her latest product is this brilliant colour-in picnic blanket.

Just don’t forget to use your newly redundant i-product to take a photo of their masterpiece…


Top 5 Presents for the Royal Baby

A new Royal Baby shall be born this week. I’m almost feeling a bit sorry for the World leaders, other Royals, family and friends who probably have no idea as to what to buy the new Royal It. Let’s assume here that Prince George, like any other big brother or sister, will not be willing to share – so let’s go back to basics. Here are my top 5 suggestions for baby presents fit for our new tiny royal…..

1. My first pressie is PRICEY so I’d suggest it’s really only relevant for Charles and Camilla, the Middletons or maybe a Saudi Price or Two. If anyone knows them – please pass it on. A cot for £31,540. Mmmm.. I wonder what better use you could put that money to! Suommo

Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition by Suommo

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Get the Look

Welcome to our new series. Here at KSJ we love to make our kids’ worlds more stylish. So we thought we’d find some achingly cool kids rooms, and show you how to GET THE LOOK with the click of a button! Let’s go!

get the look 1

L.O.V.I.N.G. the whole scheme in this room! Let’s get that look…

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