Toucan play at that game..

Move over Toucan Sam there is a new Toucan in town! Toucan Sam prides himself on being able to smell out Kellogg’s Fruit Loops from a great distance but has he sniffed out Anatology‘s new range?

kelloggs froot loops

Anatology have yet again designed the most gorgeous and realistic animal graphic prints for their new Toucan range.

toucan range

Due to launch in May, the range includes bibs, blankets, sleeping bags and cushions. They have even added lamps. And they are fab..each one has three different sides 250€. Let’s look…

toucan lamps


I especially love the bibs – put one with a white tee/babygrow and hey presto… a statement necklace! They must be worn with a warning – “NO SPILLAGES PLEASE” – they are way too nice for mess. 45€

toucan terra rouge


Toucan Who? Anatology



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