Kids Halloween Treats – Oreo Mummies

One of my favorite things to tell people is ‘did you know that Oreos are vegan!?’ I am old enough to know that vegan does not immediately equal healthy but… somehow it does make me feel better after nibbling my way through half a pack while reading a magazine. Almost like they are just fruit, or better, a vegetable. But I digress. Where was I? Hmmmm, vegan, no animals, blood – OH YES – Halloween!

By using these vegan yums we have created some hardcore Halloween delights just for you. Lookey here at our Oreo Mummies.


For this recipe you will need:

  • One pack of double stuffed Oreos (you can use regular Oreos but I found these held together on the stick better!) £1.08 Tesco
  • Half a pack of Candy Melts £6.31 Amazon or any other white chocolate designed for ‘easy coating’
  • Cake Pop Sticks £1 for a pack of 50 off of Amazon!
  • More melted white chocolate for drizzling the bandages £2.49 OR Dr Oetker designer icing in white £1.50 Tesco
  • Milk chocolate eyes – now I used chunks but I had to melt them into circles – so for ease I would use a Milk Tiddly Pot from Hotel Chocolat £2 or you could buy mini edible eyes (£3.25 Amazon) if you like but I find them yucky tasting.


How To:

Melt a quarter of your ‘coating’ choc in the microwave or over hot water at a gentle heat. Gently pop the Oreo buy doxycycline pills online open using your lolly stick (like a much less glam, but tastier for kids – oyster shucking!) and then dip the stick into the chocolate and sandwhich it between the two Oreo halves. Once you have done this, pop them in the fridge for 10 mins so they can harden.


Lay your naked Oreo pops on a greaseproof paper lined tray and get started on melting the remaining ‘coating’ chocolate. The Oreos should be strong enough to be dipped into the chocolate, you can use a spoon to help you neaten up the edges.


After the pops are smothered in white chocolate, you can pop on their eyes. They will stick to the white choc like a tasty adhesive! Then take either your white chocolate or your white icing and drizzle on those wraps! I used both because, you can never have too much white sugar ha… but maybe if you want your kid to ever sleep again, go for just one! It doesn’t have to be too neat so this would be a fun time to let your little get involved!


Then pop your mummies in the fridge to set until you want to serve them. Then chomp their little heads in half while you look them in their tiny chocolate eyes! Mawahahahahaha *evil laugh*


So there you go, with KSJ we like to bring out the evil baking genius in all of you. Happy Halloween.

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