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Don’t be blue – we are TWO!

Yes darlings – we are ageing! We are now TWO. Happy Blog Birthday to us!


Now we know it’s the norm on birthdays to receive presents but since we are SOOOO generous and keen to spread the stylish gene around – we’ve got a HOST of stylish freebies for our dedicated Junkies! BUT BUT BUT if you’re not a subscriber – YOU’RE NOT ON THE GUEST LIST!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what our clever subs could be getting their manicured mitts on….

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Style Spotter – Let’s Play

Football season is over. Hooray. Cricket season begins. Boo. In fact all manner of summer sports are upon us. My husband is delighted – I’m MEH about it. But then when an email from Lötiekids found it’s way into my inbox – I felt a renewed love of summer sports. Why? Because it involved shopping! Check these out for some summer retro sport action…

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Summer Summer Summer (Smith & Family) Time

Ahhhh, sun, sea and …OK so that got you into this mess in the first place.

Now what I was not prepared to do once I had birthed those offspring of mine – was give up on going to nice places on holiday. Yes – good for the kids – but not having them in my face all day. My face was to be upright pointing at the sun – or buried in a good book. If you don’t have that – it’s NOT a holiday. It’s what I call – same rubbish – warmer climate!


Not a pretty sight! Or sound!

So how delighted was I, when the brilliant people at boutique hotel booking service Mr & Mrs Smith decided to extend their eye for a great place, into the family marketplace – with the launch of Smith & Family. And for you today my lovelies – I have an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Tamara Heber-Percy – the co-founder, all about holidays and travelling with kids. Let’s go….

exclusive-interview-tamara-heber-percy-smith-and-family-mr-and-mrs-smith-luxury-family-holidays (10)

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Hook, Line and Sinker…

Even with this milder weather, the kids still need a coat and one of my pet hates is where they get slung on entering the house, for their slave – moi – to pick up.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 22.50.52

Enter the stylish coat hook. My SAVIOUR. Here are my top 5.

1. These colourful giant pegs are a real winner. Either use singly or in groups. Netdeco £16 each

1e9faf83d17f2202b62a39e48435a78f Read More…

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Style Spotter – Stylish Sleeping Baby

How times have changed. The last time I was in the market for a grow bag the choice was tiny tractors or lambs and that was pretty much it. BLEARGH! Not any more…I had HUGE jealousy pangs when I spied these sleeping bags from Anatology €110.


Now, there is always a catch and it’s price in this case. Having said that – let’s do the maths. Crying baby in unstylish sleeping bag = unhappy parents. Crying baby in stylish sleeping bag = poorer, but more stylish unhappy parents. I count that as a WIN.

AND AND AND if you are L.O.V.I.N.G them like me, there is more good news.. the rest of their range is AS fabulous. All the designs have matching cushions, blankets and bibs. All from Anatology. Sleep well x


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