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Banksy’s Alter (L)ego?

No – we are not on his tail. I wish. However – I think Bricksy is. Bricksy is an edgy, underground LEGO street artist. He is rumored to have inspired Banksy’s iconic works, or is that the other way around? Let us look….

Banksy Art Recreated in Lego on The Brick Fantastic (1) Read More…

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Fash Off – Surfer Dude

I know it’s not quite here yet – but if you haven’t already – you need to get your act together for summer swimwear as a lot has already sold out! So to that end – we have a new fash off people. It’s one for the boys so they can look the part when surfing those tubes..

I am well fancying a pair of these surfboard shorts by IKKS €35 sizes 4-14Y.

boys-surf-style-swimwear-debenhams-ikks (2) Read More…

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Circus Time at Ikea

One of my party tricks is that I can juggle. That’s not to say that we can’t all juggle. I mean – what is our day to day life made up of? Juggling. But my real life juggling of balls, oranges, my kids’ heads – whatever – always wins me MAJOR hero worship from my audience.

Juggling set £25 age 6+

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