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Style Spotter – Mamma, Pappa and Baby Bear

This is a style spotter for all the family! As we all know, sneakers are in the fashion spotlight – with everyone, from the classic Nike’s to Chanel, getting in on the action.

Aigle Fashion Trainers Sneakers Kids Womens Mens Accessories (1)

Aigle is an iconic French (chic bien sur) Heritage brand most famous for their wellies. They’ve also been producing sneakers since long, long, long before they ever had a fashion moment.  Now, their iconic 80′s mens fashion trainer has been redesigned to create Aigle Yarden Time - retro-cool for the whole family.

Aigle Fashion Trainers Sneakers Kids Womens Mens Accessories (2) Read More…

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A pop of pastel!

SPRING is in the air. It’s that time of year when we throw open our windows and brighten our houses with spring flowers. Suddenly, everything is blush, rose, baby pink, mint green or lemon sorbet yellow –  think candy necklaces. It’s time to get busy in your kids rooms with our Top 10 pastel pieces….


Even though this trend opens up the inner girly girl in me - we don’t wish to turn our homes into twee sugar plum fairy palaces!  So here’s a KSJ TIP for working with pastels: to keep your look sophisticated and contemporary, only use one or two pastel pieces but keep the rest of the room neutral, using complementary shades of soft grey, blue, white, metallics and natural wood. Like this amazing example from Eclectic Trends Read More…

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Easter Chocolate Marshmallow Bark

I love what Easter stands for. Not from a religious standpoint, nor from a spending a lovely amount of time off work together standpoint. Purely from a chocolate standpoint. So to celebrate this feast of chocolate yum, we thought we would share a super simple recipe and tutorial for you to make with your kids, and then stuff into your gobs!! Look…

kids-easter-recipe-tutorial-sweets-chocolate-marshmallow (1)

Get this: Read More…

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Mamas&Papas x Fifi Lapin

Yay – it’s chuck the contraceptives time again people! Fifi Lapin – that achingly cute and stylish character with a bit of Parisian chic injected into her Bunny veins – has her very own capsule collection at Mamas and Papas. And let me tell you – it’s birthworthy. Look…

Fifi Lapin Mamas Papas Collaboration Kids Baby Fashion Style Nursery (5) Read More…

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