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Let there be light

Oh I do so love a little break from the daily grind, but being round the house so much over the hols has made me crazy for CHANGE. So I shall begin with ideas for kids lamps that will light up their little lives, stylishly.

Let us begin. LOVING this memo board and LED wall light all rolled into one. What would your board say? I’m thinking……SSSSSSHHHHHHHHH! £188 from Made in Design

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Spring Forward

After the excess excesses of Xmas and New Year – I have managed to roll my much squidgier butt into the office to say…OUT WITH THE OLD – IN WITH THE NEW! It’s Spring!

OK OK maybe not in terms of temperature or weather - but yes baby – in the shops – hidden away next to the sales racks – it IS SPRING! And here are my top picks of what’s coming your way. Let’s go.

So people. The time is here. Say hello to Spring – if not in the air – in your kids wardrobes! Get busy…

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Forget damp mince pies in a church hall. The people at Kasimira plan the most high-end, lavish festivities in all of London and even abroad if you would like them to. So who better to give us their top 10 kids Xmas party tips? Here at KSJ – we only like to bring our Junkies the very best! Let’s go….

1. Theme

Who said a party could only have one theme? Couple ‘Christmas’ with another favourite kid’s party theme to make your party stand out. Some of our favourite combinations are; Animal Farm at Christmas, The Circus at Christmas, Peter Pan’s Christmas, Christmas Disco, A Vintage Christmas.

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Fash Off – Twinkle Toes

Christmas is almost upon us. It’s a time for shopping. A time for eating. And a time of excess for both. Now a Rennie should sort the eating problem out. And as for the shopping – we can help.

You see, we like your kids to be stylish whatever the budget – so, if you can’t stretch to the designer version – we like to find similar on the high street for you. No one needs to miss out – especially in the season to be jolly.

Take these fabulous boots by fave brand of mine Bonpoint.

Fash Off Girls Glitter Winter Boots Xmas Party Look Next Bonpoint (1) Read More…

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