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Mother Funking!

Well knock me down with a feather. I have long been banging on about Mothercare.

Yeh yada yada breastfeeding blah and nappies and all that usual jazz. But that’s not what we are about here in our stylish HQ at KSJ. We’re all about style. And let me tell you, what a fantastic selection of clothes they have coming your way this Autumn/Winter. At price points that frankly – make me weep at the value. Look…..

Bask in the sun. Enjoy it, because it won’t last. But the good news is that winter does! And these clothes will make the misery that is our winter – worth the pain!


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High Street Cheat Sheet

Yes siree – its new series time. In this series we will find ourselves a celeb kid dressed head to toe in designer clothing, and we will get the look for you on the high street. Now, before we begin, I’m not just picking any celeb kid. Only stylish ones. Who, by the way – are rather few and far between…Let’s go…

Honor Alba Jessica Alba Read More…

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