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Incy Wincy Spider

I have various phobias. Babies. Vomit (the two go hand on hand…). Washing Up. Rugby. But interestingly – spiders is not one. And especially when they look and taste as good as these!

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Travel in style

Now, I don’t know about you but when I think of kid-friendly holidays I conjure up horrid images of children’s buffets, soft play pandemonium and drop-in kid’s clubs. NOT the case with the new vacation rental website from Kid & Coe

The Christian 1Xth Residence, Copenhagen (starting at €192 per night)

Kid & Coe have brought together a stellar list of properties that are family homes around the world, that you can rent for your holidays. Or if you prefer and want to earn a bit of cash to splash on some fabulous kids clothes for example – you can list your very own home! This site is not good if you suffer from ‘home envy’ – I want to live in every one of their rentals. I especially love the 11th Street penthouse in Greenwich Village, NY …

11th Street Penthouse, NY

Or if you prefer closer to home check this out – Folly cottage in the Cotswolds - apparently it’s just down the road from Prince Charles… and it’s fit for our very own Princes and Princesses!

Starting at £254.30/night

All homes are child friendly and in friendly neighbourhoods. They have even done some homework for you, as each property comes with The City Scout, a little guide put together by the property owners for their guests of where to go, what to do etc – so you can feel like a local. Now THAT you don’t get from a hotel. I feel a trip coming on! First of all to Kid & Coe and then….


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D is for Damien Hirst

I’m an art lover – but not a buyer. Too expensive. Rather buy clothes. Until now. Damien Hirst has created a children’s book – a beautifully illustrated ABC board book.

In an interview about the book with The Guardian he describes the book. “It is an alphabet book for kids. Each letter is represented by an artwork, or an element of a piece, from my earliest works to my latest series. I is for Insect shows a detail of one of my recent Entomology Paintings: thousands of bugs arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns. The book also relates to my interest in typography: A is for Albertus, B is for Baskerville etc.” Let’s look inside…. Read More…

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Style Spotter Barbie Bling Bling

She’s a bit like me you know. Barbie, I mean. Been around for a while yet still looks like a fresh faced 20 year old. And don’t get me started on that body. OK OK so that’s where the erm..similarities end…

Barbie Digital Dress Doll Mattel Kids Toys Dolls

She’s now being dragged into the 21st Century with the addition of ‘Smart Clothing’ with a dress that’s a fully customizable digital fashion statement combining fashion, sound-activation and up to the minute technology. I bring you the Barbie Digital Dress Doll.

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Plusher is Plush

Cold, wet, grey – UGH! How can you fill your weekends in the winter? Here’s a stylish idea. And it’s a day out for the whole family.

Plusher Luxury Family Show Kids Fashion (1)

Yeh - my family cartoon would involve the kids fighting and me shouting..

Plusher will be London’s first ever luxury family show. It’s taking place at the Royal Horticultural Halls, SW1 on Saturday 9 November and will comprise an exhibition showcasing all things innovative, exciting and luxurious in the family marketplace.

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