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What would you define as a perfect world? Shopping jokes aside – this is such a hard question to answer as an adult. We have seen too much, heard too much – experienced too much. Surely the perfect world is the world through the eyes of a child.

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Grow Your Own Vet

My fave kids digital toy developer (OK app making company!) Toca Boca have hatched a brilliant new app – Toca Pet Doctor. Now I love an electronic animal. I am so not one for the real deal (unless it’s wrapped around my neck in a luxurious coat or something). OK – any anti-fur right-ons – that was a joke!

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Bubble Yum

So last stop of trade show mania was at home at Bubble London – which I’m happy to report was fizzier than it had been the last couple of seasons. It’s always nice to see what talent is growing on my home turf. Here are my top 15 picks.

So lovelies – we have been, we have seen, we have conquered….our incessant need to shop. If I don’t see another item of kids clothes for a while – I’m happy! But still excited for what’s coming our way next season!

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