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NEW – Catimini Perfume

We all know that Eau de Kids is not necessarily – and quite often is just not a very nice scent. The way my girls eat their meals with their fingers – from cereal, to couscous – it doesn’t matter – and then rub them all over their face and hair – it’s gross. And now I have something nice to cover the “fragrance” up with.

kids-perfume-fragrance-catamini-new-launch (2) Read More…

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I Present – Top 10 Stylish Xmas Presents

So we’ve eased you into our Xmas gift selections very slowly – gently dipping your pedicured toes into the waters of spend with our Top 10 Under £10 for the Under 10′s. And now – it’s time to head to the diving board and take a triple somersault and double twist into those same waters, with our Top 10 Stylish Gifts for Kids. Let’s go!

1. This Warp Speed rucksack by the brilliant MadPax is out of this world!!! And trust me – will be the envy of every kid in the playground. £70 MadPax World.

Top Ten Kids Xmas Christmas Gifts Presents Marks and Spencer Jcrew Smallable Scandinavian Minimall (18) Read More…

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Top 10 Gifts under £10 for the Under 10′s – Xmas

It’s that time of year again. A time of GIVING and RECEIVING.

GIVING lots of food to your bellies – RECEIVING plenty of cellulite and bad moods as a result for the new year. GIVING gifts to your kids – RECEIVING back the gift, so they can play instead with the wrapping or the box it came in. GIVING a very thoughtful gift to your mother in law – RECEIVING a pair of Xmas socks (again) in return.

Oh yes people – it’s Christmas!

Top Ten Xmas Christmas Gifts for Kids Under 10 Years Smallable Easy notonthehighstreet (1)

So we thought we would give something to your wallet – a little break – with our Top 10 Gifts under £10 for the under 10′s. Let’s get busy…

1. First up, give your kids the gift that keeps on giving. Cred. Love this cardboard retro Beat Box Speaker. £10 River Island. Read More…

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Wrap Up Bright and Stylish!

Gift oneupmanship is a game I have long ago opted out of. Well, in terms of their contents anyway. However…I am still in the game of oneupmanship when it comes to wrapping. My presents need stand out value. They need to be picked first from the sea of presents under the tree and opened.

So whilst on the hunt for some funky wrapping – I came across Neon London. I loved their work SO much, that I asked them do do us a Guest Post with their top gift wrapping tips – so Junkies, here you go…I PRESENT (see what I did?) Sophie from Neon London.

kids-xmas-christmas-gift-present-wrapping-tutorial-guest-post-neon-london-etsy (3)

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Countdown in style..

The Christmas lights are up…the festive songs are playing…we’re eating lots of chocolate…this is our cue to get busy and join in with the festive spirit.

top-5-christmas-kids-advent-calendar-ferm-living-selfridges-john-lewis (3)

Xmas? Whatevs…

First thing’s first, it’s countdown time. Here are my Top 5 STYLISH advent calendars to get your household into the Christmas spirit.

1. First up is this super chic Numero 74 advent calendar. 24 little treats in paper stars. There are different fillers for boys and girls…the boys get goodies such as pirate eye patches and a fabric watch whereas the girly one has a necklace, bracelet and magic wand. Smallable €57. Read More…

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