iCan Draw the Best

I’m lovin’ the RETRO CRAYON ACTION of these iCrayon styluses. Available in seven colours, they are designed to interact with the iPhoneiPod Touch and iPad screens.

iCrayon for Apple iOS devices
iLove iCrayon

Designed for adults and kids alike (although not recommended for under 3’s), they give you more precise drawing skills than your little digits. So next time your little munchkins draw you, maybe you WILL have a nose instead of a beak, and more than 4 fingers per hand, and possibly even feet, instead of elephant hooves. David Hockney – eat yer heart out!

iCrayon for Apple iOS devices
iCan Draw so much better!

The other winner benefit for my iPhone, is that is prevents their sticky, snotty, grubby little fingers smearing their way all over the screen. WIN WIN WIN.

iCrayon for Apple iOS devices
iWant one NOW

Available from Amazon from £7.14. iSuggest you buy iNto this iDea!



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