Out and About – Family Tower Bridge Adventure

I live in London. The world’s most vibrant city. But I’m lazy. I stick to my local area, do the same things.

But – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There’s SO much to do and I am going to schlep my family away from the sport (husband) and iPads (girls) and we are heading OUT AND ABOUT on weekends.


First up – a visit to the top of Tower Bridge to the Tower Bridge Exhibition – yes up there, at the top between the Towers, and then, off to Borough Market.


The exhibition not only showcases the history behind the bridge, you are also able to walk across their glass walkways that are 42 metres above the River Thames, to get from one tower to the next.


Once you get the courage to step on to the glass it’s like walking on air – you’re looking down onto the bridge with vans, cars and pedestrians all wayyyyy down there. Don’t panic – actually you will – but you cannot fall through as the glass is 3 inches thick.


We also learnt a lot of history about the building of the bridge and at the end visited the engine rooms to see the inner workings. It would be especially amazing to do this when the bridge is raised. You can coincide your tour with this happening simply by reading the bridge schedule on the website. Of course, as you can see, that was one organisational step too many for me.

All that concentration made us hungry. So off to Borough Market we went, which was a 10 minute walk away. I am embarrassed to say this was my first visit. I am now officially obsessed with it. Lunch with the family has never been easier – I had exactly what I wanted, a toasted cheese sandwich from Kappacasein, Jason had a pie and mash, which is exactly what he wanted, and the girls had falafel wraps from Nana Fanny’s – well, they always get what they want – but that’s another story…


We then went to look at the food stalls. The girls loved the fruit and vegetable stands – asking the vendors about new types they had never seen before. They sampled new tastes all the way round the market – cheese, breads, olives and fudge, fudge and more fudge from Whirld. Actually, that last bit was me. Who knew liquorice fudge would be such a winner.


We then popped in to Bread Ahead – a bakery that has a school where you and your kids (if they are old enough) can do a half day or full day workshop learning the art of making things like doughnuts or pizza. I’m definitely booking that for another day.

After all that action – or all that fudge – the kids were pooped, so we headed home, back to sport (husband) and iPads (kids), having had a very enriching London family day out. Stay tuned for more.

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