Cowshed Baby Cow x War Child

Mini hipster alert. The super cool people behind Cowshed have designed a line of pampering products just for your little calf (sorry!) called Baby Cow. And whilst you are doing a good deed pampering your precious loin-fruits, you will be doing good for other kids too. No, not because they are vile smelly little loin-fruits, but because there is a brilliant charity angle here.


Here’s the thing £1 of every product sold from Cowshed’s Baby Cow and their Udderly Gorgeous maternity range will go straight to War Child and therefore straight to helping children whose lives have been torn apart by war. If this isn’t a reason run blindly into Cowshed waving your money around then I don’t know what is!


Another thing to mention is that Cowshed’s products are entirely organic and the Baby Cow line is made doxycycline no prescription uk with soft bottoms in mind, you won’t find any harmful ingredients here! Cowshed has very sweetly named the cow featured on the bottles Floyd, and you can buy a Floyd shaped sponge and bath toy and bath book to go alongside your choice of bathtime products.


Good for your little ones and will hopefully do good for other little ones all over the world! What is not to love? If you are interested in purchasing any of the Baby Cow or Udderly Gorgeous products you can find them on the Cowshed website or in store.


So now the whole family can be Soho House hipsters! Prices start from £6 for a Floyd bath toy, with the skin care products starting from £8.50! Get involved.

Photo credits Sophie Osborne.

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