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River Island Mini

I have a treat for all you mums and dads of little babies and toddlers. Well, after pregnancy, birth, nighttime everything and daytime everything – you deserve something nice. And here I am to give it to you. I present – River Island Mini.

New Launch River Island Mini Baby Toddler Fashion (1)

Now those mums with older kids are well familiar with the ability to pop into River Island and pick up a high fashion piece for your kid without it costing very much. And now new/newer mums can get in on the action for their babies and toddlers. There are 100 pieces in all costing from £6-£20. Here are some of my faves.

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Pineapple Five Ways

I like my 5 a day. Wait – is it 7? I can’t keep up! But thanks to me – you can get your 5 a day right here right now. I’m slightly cheating as they are all one fruit. And they are not to eat. But boy is a fruity look! I give you pineapple five ways…

1. Use this amazing pineapple brooch to add that bit of fruitiness to any old tee or denim jacket! By new obsessional brand of mine Macon & Lesquoy €40.

Pineapple Motif Kids Fashion SS14 Sainsburys Childsplay M&S ilovegorgeous (1) Read More…

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Mummy and Me

We like our kids to look da bomb. To be in fashion, to be cool. But what about us? Once we have kids – are we simply Scotch Mist? Sometimes it feels that way! So here we bring something for mummy – usually aspirational so we can dream – and something inspired by it for our kids. And today – we’re going arty on ourselves.

Kids and womens fashion and accessories chanel ss14 mylittlesquare 10IS (2)

If you haven’t been living under a stone – you will have seen images of these Chanel dresses all over the catwalks for SS14. And if you’re married to a very generous man or have a fabulous job, or have recently won the lottery – you can get these beautiful bags! Chanel £I cant print it here you would tell me off.

Kids and womens fashion and accessories chanel ss14 mylittlesquare 10IS (1)

And lucky for you – to get a similar look for your kids, needn’t stretch the bank! Look at these Give Love sneakers by amazing brand 10IS from fave store o’mine  My Little Square £47.20.

Kids and womens fashion and accessories chanel ss14 mylittlesquare 10IS

So – the good news is that even if we can’t rock that lovely Pantoney Chanel look – our kids can – and for a fraction of the price. I live to serve….



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Mother Pukka

Yes people – our one day a year to make it about US is upon us.

Happy Driver/Nurse/Doctor/Cleaner/Chef/Nanny/Dairy/Airhostess/Teacher/Personal Shopper/General Slave/All Your Other Duties Day – AKA Mothers Day! So here are our top 5 present ideas for you to D.E.M.A.N.D. he gets his act together on. Unless, of course, he wants an all out strike….

1. Of course flowers. Spring is in the air and it should also be in a beautiful vase on your kitchen table! Love this Green and White Bouquet £45 from McQueens.

Mothers Day Top 5 Gift Ideas Selfridges Liberty (1)

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Mummy and Me

Today we are starting a new series called Mummy and Me and Daddy and Me. This is about spotting a super cool piece for mummy or daddy and a mini me look for boy or girl.

Womens Fashion Kids Fashion BoBo Choses Matches Fashion (2)

These celebs seem to think it’s a good look!

Not that I personally advocate the matchy matchy mummy and child or daddy and child look – it actually makes me a little bit sick in my mouth. Having said that – there is no reason as to why you couldn’t have a similar look and wear them at different times. So today – as next week it’s Mothers Day – we will do Mummy and Me. So – let us begin with this slick lip Saint Laurent shirt from Matches. Read More…

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