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Style Mama NYC Guest Post

A few months ago – I pinned an amazing image of a supa-fly-guy onto my Pinterest boards. I haven’t ever seen such a naturally cool kid. So imagine my delight when a few weeks later, I was contacted by the originator of this look – Courtney, who writes a style spotting blog called Style Mama NYC. And today – she writes for me and my Junkies!


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Style Spotter Mouse Stylee

I’m not a big character clothing/accessories fan – in fact often – it makes me be a little bit sick in my mouth! BUT BUT BUT look at this….

Style Spotter Harrods Exclusive Cambridge Stachel Company

We like? I LOVE! And it’s exclusive to Harrods by The Cambridge Satchel Company. £149 Harrods. Also available in neon colours!

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Style Spotter Plimsoles

Like us, our kids should never neglect their feet. No…I’m not implying the need for a child’s pedicure – more the need for stylish footwear. I’m a lovin’ these acid-wash babies by Bensimon.

Bensimon Shoes Alex and Alexa

Besides – stars are all the rage right now. On-trend. On-foot. On-erm-the money! Alex and Alexa £33.

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What We Wore

So my girls have got a few suitors. Around the age of 4, boys start to click what twins mean. So we had a double date on the weekend with two very eligible young bachelors Jay aged 5 and Rex age 3. The girls needed to work a great look. One that balanced warmth with style perfectly. So this is what they wore.

What We Wore Little Fashion Gallery Mini Boden Read More…

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