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So my girls have got a few suitors. Around the age of 4, boys start to click what twins mean. So we had a double date on the weekend with two very eligible young bachelors Jay aged 5 and Rex age 3. The girls needed to work a great look. One that balanced warmth with style perfectly. So this is what they wore.

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Double Bubble..

Fresh from Paris daaahlings, we headed to UK trade show Bubble London. It’s a great showcase for homegrown talent as well and international brands. And because we SUPER LOVE you, we share. Here are my top picks of what’s coming our way this Autumn/Winter…

Bubble London Kids Fashion Kids Accessories

YES YES YES at Corby Tindersticks

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Paradise at Playtime!

I went on a little tripette to the trade show Playtime Paris to see what the stores will be bringing us this Autumn/Winter. So I have never been to this show before, and I literally needed oxygen as I walked in through the doors. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. was so, so, so, so, SO infinity amazing.

Playtime Paris Kids Fashion Clothes Accessories

Twinnies! By Mathllde de Turckheim

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