Fash Off – Cosmic

Now as you well know – I love stylish things. And I love them more – when they are accessible to everyone – whatever your budget. So today – we turn our Fash Off attention to Cosmic leggings. Look – I love these and have these…well not me – Minnie..but I do wish I could!

Kids Leggings Mothercare La Loi (2)

Cosmos leggings by the absolutely fabulous and talented La Loi £39. And great for both healthcpc.virusinc.org/phentermine/ boys and girls.

And look buy doxycycline in bangkok here – a similar look (printed rather than photographic – but who’s counting) – Baby K Galactic leggings £6-8 by Mothercare.

Kids Leggings Mothercare La Loi (1)

Cosmic man! Style the leggings up with some denim on top and get them kids looking OUT OF THIS WORLD!

So there you have it Junkies – spend more – spend less – I couldn’t care less as long as you get them kids stylish!

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