Back to School Chapter 2 – Accessories

OK – so you have the bag. Now to complete the look. Let us have a look at some cool accessories – I’m talking pencil cases and lunch boxes. Off we go….

I’m liking this sequined number from Gap. Gives lunch bit more pizazz! £10.95.

Gap Sequin Lunchbox

Jealous-making shininess

Holy cow, this lunch box from De Kuntsboer is smooth! €12.

De Kuntsboer Kids Lunch Box


I love this Goodbyn Bynto lunch box from Alex and Alexa £17. Compartmentalised. Customisable. You may have read that I do so love a bit of Bento action.

Goodbyn Bento Lunch Box Alex and Alexa

Don't eat blue food - but a blue lunch box is cool!

These snack boxes from Paperchase add a bit of Harajuku love to a meal!£7.

Candy Kingdom Set of Lunchboxes

This set's a sure bet!

So that’s to snazz up lunch. Now onto housing our pencils and things! I love this Coq en Pate pencil case. €12.50.

Coq en Pate Pencil Case

Warning could cause envy....

And this is nostalgic-chic pencil case. Love. Wu & Wu from Alex and Alexa £12.

Wu and Wu Pencil Case Alex and Alexa

Sweet Deer Pencil Case

PIECE. GIANT Candy Kingdom pencil case by Paperchase £6.75.

Paperchase Giant Candy Kingdom Pencilcase

The bigger the better!

And their Dino Army one is a winner too. So’s the price! £5 Paperchase.

Paperchase Dino Army Pencilcase


So there you go my lovelies. I have finished styling them up for school. It’s time to say bye bye to the kids and hello to some freedom! Enjoy!







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